NATNET - Increasing the ecological connections and coherence of the Natura 2000 network in South-west Lapland

LIFE10 NAT/FI/000047

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Contact details:

Project Manager: Jouni RAUHALA
Tel: +358 295037502
Email: jouni.rauhala@ely-keskus.fi

Project description:


The project area includes 32 Natura 2000 network sites (over a total area of 363 000 ha) located in south-western Lapland. The area is extremely valuable and vulnerable due to its unique biodiversity and rare limestone soil. Areas outside the Natura 2000 sites are mostly commercial forests, where mining districts and claims, peat industry and building also take place. This includes some small conservation areas protected by the Finnish Nature Conservation Act and Forest Law. Some state-owned areas are protected by the decision of the Forest and Park Service of Finland. The land use of the project area (i.e. areas outside the Natura 2000 sites) is diverse, but approximately 90% is used for forestry and wood production.


The project’s overall objective is to increase ecological connectivity and establish a green infrastructure that will improve the vitality and coherence of the Natura 2000 network in south-western Lapland and raise the biodiversity of the forests in the project area. A series of actions will target the species and habitats of Community importance within the project area, either to improve and restore their conservation status or, in some cases, to maintain a 'favourable' conservation status. Another objective is to increase the biodiversity in the commercial forests and to protect important areas around and between the Natura 2000 sites. The project will specifically target rare, forest-dependent species like the fairy slipper (Calypso bulbosa), which is an important indicator species of the good conditions of the respective forest/ mires’ habitats and will benefit from conservation actions in areas where its numbers are in decline. A further goal is to develop the functional co-operation between different authorities concerning voluntary nature and forest protection. The project will also improve the networking of the forest owners in matters concerning the management of biodiversity and the natural and recreational values of their forests. The Zonation conservation prioritization framework will be used in the planning section.

Expected results: Conservation actions are expected to result in:

    • Protection agreements over 2 800 ha; and
    • Restoration actions in the Natura 2000 sites (forest restoration on 50 ha; mire restoration actions on 120 ha).
    Restoration and nature management practices outside the Natura 2000 sites are expected to result in:
  • Mire restoration over a total of 600 ha;
  • Production of dead wood over a total of 200 ha;
  • Production of charred and burned wood on 150 ha;
  • Nature management plans over a total of 5 000 ha; and Green infrastructure and ecological connections across some 250 km in total.



Environmental issues addressed:


Biodiversity issues - Ecological coherence


animal corridor‚  protected area

Target species

 Calypso bulbosa     

Target Habitat types

  • 7230 - Alkaline fens
  • 7310 - Aapa mires
  • 9010 - Western Taïga
  • 9030 - Natural forests of primary succession stages of landupheaval coast
  • 9050 - Fennoscandian herb-rich forests with Picea abies
  • 91D0 - Bog woodland

Natura 2000 sites

SCI FI1301811 Suuripään alue
SCI FI1301903 Kusiaiskorpi, Palo-Isokumman jänkä, Alkumaa



Coordinator Centre for Economic Development,Transport and the Environment forLapland
Type of organisation Development agency
Description The Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment in Lapland promotes enterprises, the functioning of the labour market, competence and cultural activities. The goal of the centre’s environment and natural resources’ division is to create a healthy and pleasant environment where the values of nature and human activity are in balance with nature and the people of Lapland.
Partners Forestry Centre of Lapland, Finland Natural Heritage Services-Lapland Region, Finland The Forest and Park Service of Finland-Western Lapland, Finland Finnish Forest Research Institute, Finland


Project reference LIFE10 NAT/FI/000047
Duration 01-JAN-2012 to 31-DEC -2017
Total budget 5,110,246.00 €
EU contribution 2,555,123.00 €
Project location Lappi(Finland Suomi)


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Project description   Environmental issues   Beneficiaries   Administrative data   Read more   Print   PDF version