BRIGHT - Bussacos Recovery from Invasions Generating Habitat Threats (BIODIV)

LIFE10 NAT/PT/000075

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Contact details:

Contact person: António GRAVATO
Tel: +351 231 937000
Email: bright@fmb.pt

Project description:


The Buçaco National Forest was created in the 17th century by the Unshod Carmelites, who fenced off an area of 400 ha and planted ‘Biblical’ tree species such as cypress and cedar. In 1834, the forest came under State ownership and new trees were planted. Together with other surviving parts of the original forests which are characteristic of the region – especially oak and laurel woods – these autochtonous woods encompass about 17.5 ha of a adernal habitat, which is unique in Portugal and Europe. Sharing some characteristics with Thermo-Mediterranean and pre-steppe scrub habitats, these relict woods are under threat from the expansion of alien invasive species, such as three acacia species, which have been the subject of eradication attempts in other areas


This LIFE+ Biodiversity project aims to control and eradicate the invasive alien species that are threatening biodiversity in the Buçaco National Forest. The project also aims to recover local habitats by implementing a set of integrated conservation actions: control/eradication of alien species, propagation/plantation of autochtonous flora that is characteristic of the original habitats, and the active involvement of stakeholders (such as schools, local communities, visitors, and families and employees of local businesses committed to social/environmental policies).

Expected results: The main expected results include:

  • Actions in all of the existing distribution areas of invading exotics;
  • Eradication of alien forest and garden species (Acacia dealbata, Acacia longifolia, Acacia melanoxylon, Ailanthus althissima, Pittosporum undulatum, Robinia pseudoacacia, Cortaderia selloana, Prunus laurocerasus, Pittosporum eugenioides and Fascicularia bicolor) allowing for the start of recurring and less intensive control works in order to achieve long-term eradication;
  • Reduction of the distribution area of river spiderwort (Tradescantia fluminensis) to 50% of its current area, and substitution in the formerly occupied areas of intermediate periwinkle (Vinca difformis);
  • Restoration of 30 ha of autochthonous habitats (including the conservation of 17.5 ha of the unique and rare area of adrenal);
  • Conservation of the biodiversity of the Bussaco National Forest, including a unique and rare habitat and many protected fauna and flora.



Environmental issues addressed:


Biodiversity issues - Invasive species


forest ecosystem‚  biodiversity

Natura 2000 sites

Not applicable



Coordinator Fundao Mata do Bussaco
Type of organisation NGO-Foundation
Description The Fundação Mata do Buçaco is responsible for the management, rehabilitation and maintenance of all the assets – natural and built – of the Buçaco National Forest.
Partners Câmara Municipal da Mealhada, Portugal Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal


Project reference LIFE10 NAT/PT/000075
Duration 01-SEP-2011 to 31-DEC -2017
Total budget 3,081,876.00 €
EU contribution 1,540,938.00 €
Project location Lisboa e vale do Tejo(Portugal)


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Project description   Environmental issues   Beneficiaries   Administrative data   Read more   Print   PDF version