IDENTIS WEEE - Identification determination traceability integrated system for WEEE

LIFE10 ENV/IT/000393

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Contact details:

Project Manager: Mirko REGAZZI
Tel: +39 +39 0512814210
Fax: +39 051 2814735
Email: mirko.regazzi@gruppohera.it

Project description:


Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) is the fastest growing component of the municipal waste stream. Every year, WEEE production increases three times as fast as municipal solid waste. In Europe overall, the rates of WEEE disposal are still low, which is particularly concerning given the predicted increase in the amount of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) placed on the market and the consequent increase in volume of WEEE that will be produced in the future. In order to tackle this problem, the EU drew up the first WEEE Framework Directive 2002/96/EC in order to ensure separate waste collection and the adherence to proper waste disposal, recovery and recycling procedures.


The IDENTIS WEEE project aims to significantly improve the separate collection of domestic and municipal WEEE using innovative new methods for intercepting, collecting, separating and optimising this waste stream. These will include innovative and diversified prototypes/containers, designed to collect different categories of WEEE and to be placed on roads and squares, or inside points of sale such as retail outlets, service centres and waste collection facilities. A technical system (data processing centre) that can trace WEEE collection will also be developed.

Specific objectives of the project include:

    • To increase the quality and quantity of separately collected WEEE. The aim is to increase the separate collection of WEEE by 120% in Italy, 100% in Slovenia and by 67% in Spain;
    • To provide innovative services to citizens and to distributors, and to ensure the traceability of WEEE collection and optimum management of WEEE;
    • To bridge the gap between the volume of separately collected WEEE and the amount of EEE placed on the market by integrating existing systems for WEEE collection with innovative solutions;
    • To share and exchange data with institutional partners, stakeholders and the departments of the European Commission.

    Expected results: The main result of the project will be the implementation of an innovative system for WEEE collection and traceability, which will be tested in the countries involved in the partnership (Italy, Slovenia and Spain). The project also expects to achieve the following outcomes:

    • Regular monitoring of WEEE collection and the start of the treatment, recovery and recycling;
    • Environmental awareness among citizens involved in the project and a reduced impact of municipal waste on the environment;
    • Information on traceability/separate collection of WEEE, improvement targets and other data useful for the implementation of new regulations, and the assessment/review of plans and programmes drafted by local, national and European policymakers, as well as by the European Environment Agency; and
    • A transnational network for the creation of the recycling-based society, established through the development of a co-operation agreement between the project partners and stakeholders, which is designed to ensure ongoing coordination of collection, treatment, recovery and recycling processes, as well as the development of new initiatives and a WEEE recycling market.



Environmental issues addressed:


Waste - Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)


separated collection‚  electronic material‚  information system

Natura 2000 sites

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Coordinator HERA S.p.A.
Type of organisation SME Small and medium sized enterprise
Description Established in 2002, Hera is the holding company of the Hera Group, a the company providing energy management, water and environmental services. Hera also has a contract to manage public lighting.
Partners Consorzio ECOLIGHT Milan, Italy FundaciĆ³n ECOLUM Madrid, Spain Asociatia ENVIRON, Voluntari/Bucharest, Romania


Project reference LIFE10 ENV/IT/000393
Duration 01-OCT-2011 to 30-MAY -2015
Total budget 3,621,337.00 €
EU contribution 1,761,168.00 €
Project location Piemonte(Italia) Emilia-Romagna(Italia)


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