BIOENERGY & FIRE PREV. - Contribution of forest biomass generated in the prevention of forest fires in the EU energy strategy

LIFE09 ENV/ES/000450

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Contact details:

Project Manager: Fernando PRADELLS MONZÓ
Tel: +34 644 124907
Fax: +34 962 225319
Email: fernando@amufor.org

Project description:


Forest biomass provides a carbon store and is important for mitigating climate change. It is therefore important to protect this biomass from forest fires, which cause significant CO2 emissions and damage both the environment and property. Forest fire risks can be reduced by managing the amount of ground-level waste biomass in forest areas. Cleared ground-level biomass can be used as a CO2-neutral fuel when burnt in controlled conditions. Such activity provides beneficial opportunities for rural economic development.


The main objective of this project is to improve Enguera’s capacity to protect its forest resource from fire and demonstrate new win-win rural employment opportunities that provide environmental benefits. New forest management tools and approaches will be developed to minimise fire risks. The potential of biomass as a source of renewal energy and rural employment will also be tested and evaluated.

An inventory of biomass for bio-energy uses will be produced based on representative forests within the project site. This will determine biomass features such as its calorific value and performance for generating electricity and promoting economic development in rural areas.

A new strategy document will also be prepared addressing sustainable forest management and renewable energy production using biomass generated from forest fire prevention measures. This will be in line with the EC’s Action Plan on Biomass and the EU Forest Action Plan.

Expected results:

  • Valorisation of Enguera’s forests through more effective management of all their resources;
  • Mitigation of climate change by reducing CO2 emissions via use of waste forest biomass for energy generation and the establishment of optimum conditions for its use;
  • Reduced risk of forest fires in the project area; and
  • Preparation of an official document for Enguera regarding new criteria to manage forests by using waste biomass as clean energy source.



Environmental issues addressed:


Land-use & Planning - Forest management
Habitats - Forests
Climate change Adaptation - Natural resources and ecosystems
Industry-Production - Agriculture - Forestry
Climate change Mitigation - Renewable energies


forest management‚  biomass energy‚  renewable energy‚  preventive measure‚  climate change adaptation‚  fire protection‚  forest fire‚  use of waste as energy source‚  employment‚  rural area

Natura 2000 sites

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Coordinator Ayuntamiento de Enguera
Type of organisation Local authority
Description The public sector beneficiary is the municipality of Enguera, which is located in the south-east of Valencia and contains the EU’s largest public forest of typical Mediterranean rough terrain.
Partners Asociación de Municipios Forestales (AMUFOR), Spain Ayuntamiento de Moixent, Spain Fundación Comunidad Valenciana Región Europea (FCVRE) , Spain Asoc. Española de Valorización de la Biomasa (AVEBIOM), Spain Iberdrola Renovables, Spain


Project reference LIFE09 ENV/ES/000450
Duration 01-OCT-2010 to 30-SEP -2013
Total budget 1,024,298.00 €
EU contribution 511,999.00 €
Project location Comunidad Valenciana(España)


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Project description   Environmental issues   Beneficiaries   Administrative data   Read more   Print   PDF version