BARQUIBICI - BarbiBici - Sensitize inhabitants to the use of bicycle in Vila Nova da Barquinha

LIFE99 ENV/P/000663

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Contact details:

Project Manager: Emmanuel J. AMARAL
Tel: 351 249720350
Email: emmanuelamaral@yahoo.com

Project description:


The idea of sustainable development is to achieve a balance between the economy, society and the environment. The city of Vila Nova da Barquinha set out to promote the use of the bicycle, both as a form of enjoyment (ie by encouraging a useful social activity) and as a useful, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly means of transport.


The project's objectives were as follows: - To promote the use of bikes around the city, as an example of an environmentally-friendly practice and, at the same time, to informally, promote environmental education. - To draw attention to the problems of atmospheric pollution. At the same time as providing a practical solution to this problem, the beneficiary wanted to encourage the collection of batteries for safe-disposal, (to help reduce the amount of dangerous and toxic waste in domestic refuse). This was achieved by placing containers for battery collection around the city. To link the two objectives, the battery collection among schoolchildren would be rewarded with prizes of bicycles.


This project achieved its objectives by: 1. Preparing the city for bicycle use: putting the infrastructure in place to encourage and support cycling across the city. 2. Hosting twice-weekly promotional cycle rides. 3. Organising battery collection competitions in schools with bicycles as prizes, which at the same time would hopefully make young people more aware of the environmental problem of batteries. The project has been successful in terms of the popularity and enthusiasm of the participants (schoolchildren and the public in general) towards the project. The quantitative results were as follows: - 238 bicycles were bought. - 22 cycle-racks were erected - 109 bicycles were awarded as prizes to the students who collected most batteries and who participated in the cycling trips. - More than 20,000 batteries were collected by schoolchildren. - 23 cycling trips were organised. - More than 500 participants joined the twice-weekly trips. Although the environmental benefits of the use of bikes as an alternative and non-polluting means of transportation in daily trips are unknown, this project proved very popular among citizens. The local authority and the cycling groups want to continue this initiative for the next few years, making these leisure outings a life-style habit. In addition, two more communities and one association have expressed interest in joining the project. The municipal association of Médio Tejo has also agreed to continue to collaborate with the city of Vila Nova da Barquinha in the battery-collection process.


Environmental issues addressed:


Land-use & Planning - Transport planning - Traffic monitoring
Information - Governance - Awareness raising - Information


public awareness campaign‚  domestic waste‚  urban planning‚  separated collection‚  battery‚  bicycle

Target EU Legislation

  • Urban Environment
  • COM(98)605 -"Communication on Sustainable Urban Development in the European Union: A Framework fo ...
  • Air
  • Directive 96/62 - Ambient air quality assessment and management (27.09.1996)

Natura 2000 sites

Not applicable



Coordinator Câmara Municipal de Vila Nova da Barquinha
Type of organisation Local authority
Description Câmara Municipal de Vila Nova da Barquinha is one of the 308 Portuguese municipalities.


Project reference LIFE99 ENV/P/000663
Duration 01-OCT-1999 to 01-APR -2002
Total budget 59,496.61 €
EU contribution 19,928.22 €
Project location Lisboa e vale do Tejo(Portugal)


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