Anaerobic pretreatment of domestic waste from small- to medium sized communities. Modification of an existing Imhoff tank.

LIFE96 ENV/P/000600

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Contact details:

Project Manager: Adelino SOARES
Tel: 436 91 00
Fax: 932 26 50

Project description:


The main objective of this project is the construction of an experimental prototype for a household waste water treatment plant. An Imhoff tank in an anaerobic reactor will be modified to improve its level of purification and its treatment capacity. The results from the project will be applicable to the large number of Imhoff tanks currently in use in Portugal. The treatment process to be implemented was laboratory-analysed by INETI-DER. It consists of the following operations and processes: 1. Prior separation of solids (adaptation of the existing grid). 2. Flow measurement. 3. Primary treatment by means of hybrid anaerobic filter and decantation. 4. Dehydration of sludge in the existing drying beds. 5. System of gas treatment, storage and measurement. 6. Electricity production. The biogas produced will be pre-treated, measured and stored in a flexible gasometer. It will eventually be used in a small electricity generator to supply the EDAR, which at present has no electricity supply.




Environmental issues addressed:


Water - Waste water treatment


domestic waste‚  waste water treatment

Natura 2000 sites

Not applicable



Coordinator Câmara Municipal de Sintra - Serviços Municipalizados


Project reference LIFE96 ENV/P/000600
Duration 02-JAN-1997 to 02-JAN -2000
Total budget 169,337.32 €
EU contribution 70,523.85 €
Project location Lisboa e vale do Tejo(Portugal)


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