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In this section, the most recent forests related LIFE projects are presented. For each project, links to further information (layman's report, project website and project summary) have been included where they exist. The "Read More" section of some project summaries also includes links to publications or videos specific to the project in question.

Towards climate resilient forests and forest management
LIFE19 CCA/NL/001218
web summary
CLIMAFORCEELIFE (Slovakia Slovensko)
Climate-Smart Forest Management for Central and Eastern Europe
LIFE19 CCA/SK/001276
web summary
LIFE-IP LatViaNature (Latvia Latvija)
Optimising the Governance and Management of the Natura 2000 Protected Areas Network in Latvia
LIFE19 IPE/LV/000010
web summary
LIFE SySTEMiC (Italia)
Close-to-NAture forest sustainable management practices under climate changes
LIFE18 ENV/IT/000124
web summary | website1 | website2 | website3
LIFE LANDSCAPE FIRE PROJECT - New methodologies for forest fire prevention
LIFE18 ENV/PT/000361
web summary | website
LIFE-IP ForEst&FarmLand (Estonia Eesti)
Adaptive community based management of forest and farming landscapes to improve the conservation status of Natura 2000 habitats and species
LIFE18 IPE/EE/000007
web summary | website
Creation of a Wilderness Reserve in the Southern Carpathian Mountains, Romania
LIFE18 NAT/RO/001082
web summary | website
GOProFOR LIFE (Italia)
GOod PRactices implementation netwOrk for FORest biodiversity conservation
LIFE17 GIE/IT/000561
web summary | website
LIFE-IP: N2K Revisited (Czech Cesko)
Integrated LIFE project for the Natura 2000 network in the Czech Republic
LIFE17 IPE/CZ/000005
web summary | website1 | website2
LIFE Green valleys (België - Belgique)
Green valleys: connecting habitats conservation with long term biomass management and multi-stakeholder approach
LIFE17 NAT/BE/000445
web summary | website
LIFE for MIRES (Czech Cesko)
LIFE17 NAT/CZ/000452
web summary | website
Tuff LIFE (Deutschland)
Erhalt und Biotopverbesserung der Kalktuffquellen und der Bach-Oberläufe im Regionalforstamt Hochstift
LIFE17 NAT/DE/000497
web summary | website
Innovative Forest Management Strategies to Enhance Biodiversity in Mediterranean Forests. Incentives & Management Tools.
LIFE17 NAT/ES/000568
web summary | website
Restoration, management and valorisation of PRIority habitats of MEDiterranean coastal areas
LIFE17 NAT/GR/000511
web summary | website
WISEDRAVALIFE (Hungary Magyarország)
Wise water management for the conservation of riverine and floodplain habitats along the Drava River
LIFE17 NAT/HU/000577
web summary | website
LIFE4DELTA_PL (Poland Polska)
Renaturalisation of inland delta of Nida River
LIFE17 NAT/PL/000018
web summary | website
Celtic Rainforests LIFE (United Kingdom)
Restoring the Celtic Temperate Rainforest of Wales toward Favourable Conservation Status
LIFE17 NAT/UK/000020
web summary | website
LIFE IP 4Natura (Ellas)
Integrated actions for the conservation and management of Natura 2000 sites, species, habitats and ecosystems in Greece
LIFE16 IPE/GR/000002
web summary | website
PAF-NATURALIT (Lithuania Lietuva)
Optimizing the management of Natura 2000 network in Lithuania
LIFE16 IPE/LT/000016
web summary | website
LIFEFORHAB (Bulgaria Balgarija)
Restoration and improvement of the conservation status of priority forest habitats within Bulgarian Natura 2000 network
LIFE16 NAT/BG/000817
web summary | website
LIFE IAS Free Habitats (Bulgaria Balgarija)
Collaborative management for conservation of forest and grassland habitats negatively affected by IAS in Bulgaria
LIFE16 NAT/BG/000856
web summary | website
CZ-SK SOUTH LIFE (Czech Cesko)
Optimalization of Natura 2000 sites management delivery in the South Bohemia Region and the territory of South Slovakia
LIFE16 NAT/CZ/000001
web summary | website
LIFE České středohoří (Czech Cesko)
Active conservation of thermophilous habitats and species of Community interest in the České středohoří hills
LIFE16 NAT/CZ/000639
web summary | website
Hydrology LIFE (Finland Suomi)
Restoring the hydrological integrity of wetland habitats in Finland
LIFE16 NAT/FI/000583
web summary | website
LIFE Andros Park (Ellas)
Conservation of priority species and habitats of Andros Island protected area integrating socioeconomic considerations
LIFE16 NAT/GR/000606
web summary | website
OAKEYLIFE (Hungary Magyarország)
Multilevel and multisite complex restauration of key ecosystem services of the calcareous sand forest steppe habitat
LIFE16 NAT/HU/000599
web summary | website
LIFE 4 Oak Forests (Italia)
Conservation management tools for increasing structural and compositional biodiversity in Natura2000 oak forests
LIFE16 NAT/IT/000245
web summary | website
LIFE OSMODERMA (Lithuania Lietuva)
Ecological network for Osmoderma eremita and other species dependent on veteran trees
LIFE16 NAT/LT/000701
web summary | website
LIFE RELICT (Portugal)
LIFE RELICT - Preserving Continental Laurissilva Relics
LIFE16 NAT/PT/000754
web summary | website
LIFE_Redcapacita2015 (España)
Networks of knowledge and training for the effective management of Mediterranean forest habitats of Nature 2000
LIFE15 GIE/ES/000809
web summary | website
LIFE ARTEMIS (Slovenia Slovenija)
Awareness Raising, Training and Measures on Invasive alien Species in forests
LIFE15 GIE/SI/000770
web summary | website
Integrated conservation management of priority habitat type 9590* in the Natura 2000 site Koilada Kedron-Kampos
LIFE15 NAT/CY/000850
web summary | website
Conservation and restoration of mediterranean Taxus baccata woods (9580*) in the Cantabrian Mountains
LIFE15 NAT/ES/000790
web summary | website
LifeTicinoBiosource (Italia)
Enhancing Biodiversity by Restoring Source Areas for Priority and Other Species of Community Interest in Ticino Park
LIFE15 NAT/IT/000989
web summary | website
LIFE BTG (Sverige)
Bridging the Spatial and Temporal Gaps in Threatened Oak Habitats
LIFE15 NAT/SE/000772
web summary | website
LIFE ForestLife (Ellas)
Building cooperation, developing skills and sharing knowledge for Natura 2000 forests in Greece
LIFE14 GIE/GR/000304
web summary | website
LIFE Salzachauen (Österreich)
LIFE Salzachauen - Riparian Forest Restoration
LIFE14 NAT/AT/000496
web summary | website
River Functionality Index as planning instrument for a good governance of Sile's ecosystem
LIFE14 NAT/IT/000809
web summary | website
LIFE Danube floodplains (Slovakia Slovensko)
Restoration and management of Danube floodplain habitats
LIFE14 NAT/SK/001306
web summary | website
SciuriousLIFE (United Kingdom)
Sciuriosity - Evolving IAS grey squirrel management techniques in the UK.
LIFE14 NAT/UK/000467
web summary | website
Integrated silvopastoral management plan: An innovative tool to preserve biodiversity and prevent wildfires
LIFE13 BIO/ES/000094
web summary | website
LIFE elm (España)
Restoration of Iberian elms (Ulmus minor and U. laevis) in the Tagus River basin
LIFE13 BIO/ES/000556
web summary | website
Strengthening associated biodiversity of habitat 92A0 and control of Invasive Alien Species in the Segura River.
LIFE13 BIO/ES/001407
web summary | website
LIFE+ Forêt Sèche (France)
Dry forest conservation in Réunion island Conservation de la forêt sèche de l'île La Réunion
LIFE13 BIO/FR/000259
web summary | website1 | website2
lifeBiodiscoveries (Portugal)
Invasive species control through public participation
LIFE13 BIO/PT/000386
web summary | website
Life+ SUBER (España)
Life+ SUBER: Integrative management for an improved adaptation of cork oak forests to climate change
LIFE13 ENV/ES/000255
web summary | website
LIFE PISA (España)
Innovative eco friendly traps for the control of Pine Lepidoptera in urban and recreational places.
LIFE13 ENV/ES/000504
web summary | website
Sustainable management of shrubs formations for energy purposes
LIFE13 ENV/ES/000660
web summary | website
LIFE SMART4Action (Italia)
Sustainable Monitoring And Reporting To Inform Forest- and Environmental Awareness and Protection
LIFE13 ENV/IT/000813
web summary | website
LIFE+ ForBioSensing PL (Poland Polska)
Comprehensive monitoring of stand dynamics in Biaowiea Forest supported with remote sensing techniques
LIFE13 ENV/PL/000048
web summary | website
LIFEGENMON (Slovenia Slovenija)
LIFE13 ENV/SI/000148
web summary | website
LIFEinFORESTS (Hungary Magyarország)
Improved communication, cooperation and capacity building for preserving biodiversity in Natura 2000 forests
LIFE13 INF/HU/001163
web summary | website
LIFE Riparian Forests (Bulgaria Balgarija)
Restoration and conservation of riparian forests of habitat type *910 in Natura 2000 sites and model areas in Bulgaria
LIFE13 NAT/BG/000801
web summary | website
LIFE Forests-waterworlds (Deutschland)
Ville Forests
LIFE13 NAT/DE/000147
web summary | website
Ecological restoration Garajonay National Park and its surroundings, after the great fire of 2012
LIFE13 NAT/ES/000240
web summary | website
LIFE13 NAT/ES/000436
web summary | website
LIFE13 NAT/ES/000586
web summary | website
Life+ Pinassa (España)
Sustainable management for conservation of Black pine (Pinus nigra subsp. salzmannii var pyrenaica) forests in Catalonia
LIFE13 NAT/ES/000724
web summary | website
Light & Fire -LIFE (Finland Suomi)
Light & Fire open the Doors for Biodiversity -LIFE
LIFE13 NAT/FI/000099
web summary | website
ZSiNPK_Kielce_LIFE_PL (Poland Polska)
Protection of valuable natural habitats in Ponidzie
LIFE13 NAT/PL/000038
web summary | website
LIFE+ReHabHu (Romania)
Recovery the natural habitats of community interest from Hunedoara County
LIFE13 NAT/RO/000990
web summary
LifeTaiga (Sverige)
Reintroduction of burning in Boreal western taiga woodlands
LIFE13 NAT/SE/000065
web summary | website
LIFE Alta Murgia (Italia)
Control and eradication of the invasive exotic plant species Ailanthus altissima in the Alta Murgia National Park
LIFE12 BIO/IT/000213
web summary | website
Life+ Cost-efficient integration of megafire prevention into forest management in the Mediterranean
LIFE12 ENV/ES/000730
web summary | website
LIFE Ausseerland (Österreich)
Natural wood lands, bogs and habitat network around Aussee
LIFE12 NAT/AT/000321
web summary | website
Life - OZON (België - Belgique)
Restoration of natural habitats for critically endangered species by defragmentation of the Sonian Forest.
LIFE12 NAT/BE/000166
web summary | website
LIFE+SCALLUVIA (België - Belgique)
Habitat Restoration of alluvial forests and creeks within the flood controlled Scheldt estuary site Kruibeke-Bazel-Rupelmonde.
LIFE12 NAT/BE/000596
web summary | website
LIFE for Eagles Forests (Bulgaria Balgarija)
Preserve Key Forest Habitats of the Lesser Spotted Eagle (Aquila pomarina) in Bulgaria
LIFE12 NAT/BG/001218
web summary | website
Improving the conservation status of the priority habitat types *1520 and *5220 at the Rizoelia National Forest Park
LIFE12 NAT/CY/000758
web summary | website
LIFE+ GUGUY (España)
Recover of native forests with Juniperus spp, and its flora and fauna, in the Special Nature Reserve Gig.
LIFE12 NAT/ES/000286
web summary | website
LIFE JunEx (Ellas)
Restoration and Conservation of the Priority Habitat Type *9562 Grecian Juniper Woods in Prespa National Park, Greece
LIFE12 NAT/GR/000539
web summary | website
SPIN4LIFE (Italia)
SPIN Strategy for the Implementation of Natura 2000 in Sicily
LIFE12 NAT/IT/000370
web summary
Soil stabilisation measures to protect Annex I habitats in Buskett-Girgenti Natura 2000 site
LIFE12 NAT/MT/000182
web summary | website
LIFE TAXUS (Portugal)
TAXUS Restoring yew thickets [9580 * Mediterranean Taxus baccata woods]
LIFE12 NAT/PT/000950
web summary | website
LIFE- ELMIAS (Sverige)
Saving wooded Natura 2000 habitats from invasive alien fungi species on the Island of Gotland, Sweden
LIFE12 NAT/SE/001139
web summary | website
Most-Keiheuvel (België - Belgique)
Natuurherstel Most-Keiheuvel: natuurherstel op de gradint van veen naar stuifzand
LIFE11 NAT/BE/001061
web summary | website1 | website2 | website3
LIFE Renaix el Bosc (España)
Conservation and restoration of Tilio-Acerion forests in the north of the Valencian Region
LIFE11 NAT/ES/000706
web summary | website
TAXUS (España)
Improvement of TAXUS baccata conservation status in north-eastern Iberian Peninsula
LIFE11 NAT/ES/000711
web summary | website
Conservation of priority forests and forest openings in "Ethnikos Drymos Oitis and Oros Kallidromo of Sterea Ellada
LIFE11 NAT/GR/001014
web summary | website
FAGUS (Italia)
FAGUS - Forests of the Apennines: Good practices to conjugate Use and Sustainability
LIFE11 NAT/IT/000135
web summary | website
CARPATHIA Restoration (Romania)
Ecological restoration of forest and aquatic habitats in the Upper Dimbovita Valley, Muntii Fagaras
LIFE11 NAT/RO/000823
web summary | website
Conservative management for 4070 and 9260 habitats of ROSCI0129 North of Western Gorj
LIFE11 NAT/RO/000825
web summary | website1 | website2
FOR-MARSH (Romania)
Environmental restoration and support of natural processes in the forests and eutrophic marshes from Prejmer and Harman
LIFE11 NAT/RO/000828
web summary | website
BGNATURAGENEFUND (Bulgaria Balgarija)
Conservation of the Genetic Fund and Restoration of Priority Forest Habitats in Natura 2000 Sites
LIFE10 NAT/BG/000146
web summary | website
Improving the conservation status of the priority habitat type 9560* (Endemic forests with Juniperus spp.) in Cyprus
LIFE10 NAT/CY/000717
web summary | website
Eichenwlder bei Wesel (Deutschland)
Acidophilous oak woods with bogs and heaths
LIFE10 NAT/DE/000009
web summary | website
PRO-Izki (España)
Ecosystem Management of the Izki Quercus pyrenaica forest and habitats and species of community interest related to it.
LIFE10 NAT/ES/000572
web summary | website
Species-rich LIFE (Finland Suomi)
Improving the Conservation Status of Species-rich Habitats
LIFE10 NAT/FI/000048
web summary | website
Management of the SPA site of Andros Island to achieve a favourable conservation status for its priority species
LIFE10 NAT/GR/000637
web summary | website
C.I.SPI.VE.HAB. (Italia)
Conservation and Improvement of Spina Verde SCI Habitats
LIFE10 NAT/IT/000224
web summary | website
FOR-REST (Latvia Latvija)
Forest Habitat Restoration within the Gauja National Park
LIFE10 NAT/LV/000159
web summary | website
ActiveKPN (Poland Polska)
Protection of natural resources of Kampinos Forest – Natura 2000 Site, through the renaturalisation of bought-up land.
LIFE10 NAT/PL/000655
web summary | website
ECOTONE (Portugal)
ECOTONE – Management of riparian habitats towards the conservation of endangered invertebrates
LIFE10 NAT/PT/000073
web summary | website
Natura 2000 BA (Slovakia Slovensko)
Restoration of Natura 2000 sites in cross-border Bratislava capital region
LIFE10 NAT/SK/000080
web summary | website
Contribution of forest biomass generated in the prevention of forest fires in the EU energy strategy
LIFE09 ENV/ES/000450
web summary | website
FORESTFIRE II (Poland Polska)
Forest fires and nature II – second part of raising rural residents awareness of the forest fire prevention issue
LIFE09 INF/PL/000275
web summary | website
Black Sea Oak Habitats (Bulgaria Balgarija)
Conservation and restoration of Black Sea oak habitats
LIFE09 NAT/BG/000229
web summary | website
Steigerwaldrand Iphofen (Deutschland)
Woodlands and river valleys on the Steigerwald slopes near Iphofen
LIFE09 NAT/DE/000005
web summary | website
Wald - Wasser - Wildnis (Deutschland)
Optimisation of NATURA-2000-habitats in the National Park Eifel
LIFE09 NAT/DE/000006
web summary | website
Use of innovative practices and new technology in the production of wide variety and high quality forestry seedlings in order to enhance regeneration success and increase biodiversity
LIFE09 NAT/GR/000326
web summary | website
Conservation and restoration of habitats and species in the Incoronata Regional Natural Park
LIFE09 NAT/IT/000149
web summary | website
Conservation of Taxus and Ilex beechwood in the pSIC “Taburno Massif”
LIFE09 NAT/IT/000198
web summary | website
Development of an integrated analysis system for the effective fire conservancy of forests
LIFE08 ENV/GR/000558
web summary | website
Netze des Lebens (Deutschland)
Biotope networks - networks of life : promoting a forest corridor system with a European perspective
LIFE08 INF/D/000032
web summary | website
LOMME (België - Belgique)
Restoration of natural habitats in the Lomme river bassin and in surrounding areas
LIFE08 NAT/B/000033
web summary | website
Riparian Habitats in BG (Bulgaria Balgarija)
Conservation and Restoration of 11 Natura 2000 Riparian and Wetland Habitats in 10 SCI's Bulgarian Forests
LIFE08 NAT/BG/000281
web summary | website
Life+ Möhneaue (Deutschland)
Restoration and improvement of the SCI "Möhne Oberlauf" and the SCI "Möhne Mittellauf"
LIFE08 NAT/D/000009
web summary | website
Soonwald (Deutschland)
Development of humid and moist forests in the Soonwald
LIFE08 NAT/D/000012
web summary | website
Elbauen bei Vockerode (Deutschland)
Improvement and Long-Term Safeguarding of the Natura 2000 Site Dessau-Wrlitz Elbe Floodplain
LIFE08 NAT/D/000013
web summary | website
Management and conservation of *Osmoderma eremita, *Rosalia alpina and other saproxylic habitats of Community interest in Gipuzkoa
LIFE08 NAT/E/000075
web summary | website1 | website2
FRAMME (Ellas)
Fire Restoration Methodology for Mediterranean Forests -environmental safety & sustainability of 4 interventions in the Rhodes NATURA 2000 site
LIFE08 NAT/GR/000533
web summary | website
AMIBIO (Ellas)
Automatic acoustic monitoring and inventorying of biodiversity
LIFE08 NAT/GR/000539
web summary | website
Restoration of beech and silver fir forests in the Toscan Marches Appennines
LIFE08 NAT/IT/000371
web summary | website
SNOWCARBO (Finland Suomi)
Monitoring and assessment of carbon balance related phenomena in Finland and northern Eurasia
LIFE07 ENV/FIN/000133
web summary | website
DONAUKEH (Deutschland)
Hillsides and Floodplains in the Danube valley between Neustadt and Bad Abbach (DONAU KEH)
LIFE07 NAT/D/000225
web summary | website
Inagua (España)
LIFE07 NAT/E/000759
web summary | website
Campanarios de Azaba (España)
Biodiversity conservation in western Iberia
LIFE07 NAT/E/000762
web summary | website
Conservation, restoration and reconstitution of the semi-xerophilic habitats of the "massif de la Montagne" in Reunion
LIFE07 NAT/F/000188
web summary | website
PINUS (Ellas)
Restoration of Pinus nigra forests on Mount parnonas (GR2520006) through a structured approach
LIFE07 NAT/GR/000286
web summary | website
Demonstration of Conservation Actions for Ursus artcos* and habitat type 9530* in Northern Pindos N.P., Grevena Prefecture, Greece
LIFE07 NAT/GR/000291
web summary | website
DANUBEISLANDFOREST (Hungary Magyarország)
Conservation of alluvial habitats of community interest on the Szabadság Island and side channel in Béda-Karapancsa pSCI
LIFE07 NAT/H/000320
web summary | website
Lauter-Donon (France)
Protection of the forests of Basse Lauter and Vosges moyennes
LIFE06 NAT/F/000142
web summary | website
LIFE - Gesäuse (Österreich)
Conservation strategies for woodlands and rivers in the Gesäuse Mountains
LIFE05 NAT/A/000078
web summary | website
RPWHI (Ireland)
Restoring Priority Woodland Habitats in Ireland
LIFE05 NAT/IRL/000182
web summary | website
Forest-Alp NATURA 2000 (Romania)
Priority forest, sub-alpine and alpine habitats in Romania
LIFE05 NAT/RO/000176
web summary | website
Donauwaelder (Österreich)
Alluvial forests and slope forests of the Upper Danube Valley
LIFE04 NAT/AT/000003
web summary
GreenBelt (Finland Suomi)
Natural Forests and mires in the "Green Belt" of Koillismaa and Kainuu
LIFE04 NAT/FI/000078
web summary | website
TUCAP (Italia)
Conservation of Apennine beech forests with Abies alba SIC Pigelleto - M. Amiata
LIFE04 NAT/IT/000191
web summary | website
Pinus nigra banatica (Romania)
The forests with Pinus nigra banatica - part of NATURA 2000
LIFE04 NAT/RO/000225
web summary | website
Saint Hubert (België - Belgique)
Rehabilitation of peat and wet habitats on the Saint-Hubert Plateau
LIFE03 NAT/B/000019
web summary | website
Boreal forests (Finland Suomi)
Restoration of boreal forests and forest-covered mires
LIFE03 NAT/FIN/000034
web summary | website
Life to Koli (Finland Suomi)
LIFE to Koli - Restoration of the forests and meadows in the nature park
LIFE03 NAT/FIN/000035
web summary | website
Karelian Mires (Finland Suomi)
Karelian mires and virgin forests - pearls in the chain of geohistory
LIFE03 NAT/FIN/000036
web summary | website
Piedrosul Rodnei (Romania)
Restoration forest habitats from Pietrosul Rodnei biosphere reserve
LIFE03 NAT/RO/000027
web summary | website
Söderaasen (Sverige)
Restoration of deciduous forest in Söderåsen National Park
LIFE02 NAT/S/008483
web summary | website
Development and implementation of an integrated system for the sustainable management of wild fungus-producing forest ecosystems in Valdorva, Navarra
LIFE00 ENV/E/000402
web summary | website
MYAS (España)
Model for the valorisation and sustainable management mycological resources
LIFE00 ENV/E/000544
web summary | website
Urban woods (Sverige)
Demonstration of ways to increase peoples recreational benefits from urban woodlands
LIFE00 ENV/S/000868
web summary | website
3 Bossen Vlaamse Ardennen (België - Belgique)
Action Plan for conservation and restoration of three woods in the Flemish Ardennes
LIFE00 NAT/B/007156
web summary | website

More Projects

For yet more examples of projects funded by the programme, visit the LIFE project database.

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