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Natural risks (Flood - Forest fire - Landslide)

In this section, the most recent natural risks related LIFE projects are presented. For each project, links to further information (layman's report, project website and project summary) have been included where they exist. The "Read More" section of some project summaries also includes links to publications or videos specific to the project in question.

LIFE MycoRestore (España)
Innovative use of mycological resources for resilient & productive Mediterranean forests threatened by climate change
LIFE18 CCA/ES/001110
web summary | website1 | website2 | website3
Using Dry-Stone Walls as a Multi-purpose Climate Change Adaptation tool
LIFE18 CCA/IT/001145
web summary | website1 | website2 | website3
Climate ResIlience Thru Involvement of LoCAL citizens (CRITICAL)
LIFE18 CCA/NL/001123
web summary | website
Measures for the conservation of the Red kite in Calabria Region (Italy) and Corsica Island (France)
LIFE18 NAT/IT/000917
web summary
LIFETEC (España)
Fighting Forest Fires Using Electronic and Communication Technologies: LIFETEC
LIFE16 ENV/ES/000559
web summary | website
LIFE AGUEDA (Portugal)
LIFE16 ENV/PT/000411
web summary | website
Preventing flooding RIsks by Making resilient communitiES
LIFE14 CCA/IT/001280
web summary | website
Adaptation to climate change through sustainable management of water of the urban area in Radom City
LIFE14 CCA/PL/000101
web summary | website
Integrated silvopastoral management plan: An innovative tool to preserve biodiversity and prevent wildfires
LIFE13 BIO/ES/000094
web summary | website
Life+ SUBER (España)
Life+ SUBER: Integrative management for an improved adaptation of cork oak forests to climate change
LIFE13 ENV/ES/000255
web summary | website
Sustainable management of shrubs formations for energy purposes
LIFE13 ENV/ES/000660
web summary | website
Naturalistic Restoration for the integrated hydraulic-environmental Sustainability of the Emilian Canals
LIFE13 ENV/IT/000169
web summary | website
FIRELIFE (Hungary Magyarország)
Hungarian forest fire prevention and training program
LIFE13 INF/HU/000827
web summary | website
Life+ Cost-efficient integration of megafire prevention into forest management in the Mediterranean
LIFE12 ENV/ES/000730
web summary | website
Stream of Usserød (Danmark)
Intermunicipal cooperation on Water Management and Climate Change Adaptation for The Stream of Usserød
LIFE11 ENV/DK/000889
web summary | website
FLIRE (Ellas)
Floods and fire risk assessment and management
LIFE11 ENV/GR/000975
web summary | website
RII (Italia)
LIFE hydrological and environmental integrated restoration of brooks in the piedmont area of Emilia Romagna
LIFE11 ENV/IT/000243
web summary | website
Hydro-climate recovery (Slovakia Slovensko)
Revitalisation of the climate in dried-out communities in Eastern Slovakia via hydro-climate recovery
LIFE11 ENV/SK/001019
web summary | website
ArcFUEL (Ellas)
Mediterranean fuel maps geodatabase for wildland & forest fire safety
LIFE10 ENV/GR/000617
web summary | website
Climforisk (Finland Suomi)
Climate change induced drought effects on forest growth and vulnerability
LIFE09 ENV/FI/000571
web summary | website
FORESTFIRE II (Poland Polska)
Forest fires and nature II – second part of raising rural residents awareness of the forest fire prevention issue
LIFE09 INF/PL/000275
web summary | website
AQUAVAL (España)
Sustainable Urban Water Management Plans, promoting SUDS and considering Climate Change, in the Province of Valencia
LIFE08 ENV/E/000099
web summary | website
Forest Cities (Ellas)
Local Authorities Alliance for Forest Fire Prevention
LIFE08 ENV/GR/000553
web summary | website
AdaptFor (Ellas)
Adaptation of forest management to climate change in Greece
LIFE08 ENV/GR/000554
web summary | website
Development of an integrated analysis system for the effective fire conservancy of forests
LIFE08 ENV/GR/000558
web summary | website
HydroClimateStrategyRiga (Latvia Latvija)
Integrated Strategy for Riga City to Adapt to the Hydrological Processes Intensified by Climate Change Phenomena
LIFE08 ENV/LV/000451
web summary | website
Our forest - Live it and let it live!
LIFE08 INF/E/000179
web summary | website
FFPE (Estonia Eesti)
Raising awareness for forest fires and training of forest fire agents and volunteers in Estonia
LIFE08 INF/EE/000260
web summary | website
EEFOREST (Portugal)
Efficiency and Effectiveness of Awareness Campaigns in the EU Forests
LIFE08 INF/P/000220
web summary | website
FORESTFIRE (Poland Polska)
Forest fires and nature – raising the awareness of rural communities concerning forest fire prevention
LIFE08 INF/PL/000523
web summary | website
FRAMME (Ellas)
Fire Restoration Methodology for Mediterranean Forests -environmental safety & sustainability of 4 interventions in the Rhodes NATURA 2000 site
LIFE08 NAT/GR/000533
web summary | website
Recyship (España)
Pilot project for the dismantling and decontamination of discarded boats
LIFE07 ENV/E/000787
web summary | website
GreenClimeAdapt (Sverige)
Green tools for urban climate adaptation
LIFE07 ENV/S/000908
web summary | website
FLOODSCAN (Deutschland)
LArge scale adjustment of new technology for fast, precise and cost-efficient hydraulic 2d-modelling of flood (hazard) areas by combining laser scanning with remote sensing data
LIFE06 ENV/D/000461
web summary | website
IMOS (Italia)
Integrated Multi-Objective System for optimal management of urban drainage
LIFE00 ENV/IT/000080
web summary

More Projects

For yet more examples of projects funded by the programme, visit the LIFE project database.

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