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European framework for sustainable buildings

Level(s) provides a common language for assessing and reporting on the sustainability performance of buildings. It is a simple entry point for applying circular economy principles in our built environment.

Level(s) offers an extensively tested system for measuring and supporting improvements, from design to end of life. It can be applied to residential buildings or offices.

Let's meet Level(s)

A common language creating a shared understanding of sustainability performance in buildings.

eLearning and tools

Our eLearning course and calculator tool will prepare and support you to use Level(s) successfully.

Start using Level(s)

Once you know the basics it is time to download the Level(s) user manuals and start using it in your working environment.

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Level(s) uses core sustainability indicators to measure carbon, materials, water, health, comfort and climate change impacts throughout a building’s full life cycle. It is a flexible solution for identifying sustainability hotspots and for future-proofing your project or portfolio. By using Level(s) you are contributing to EU policy goals to strengthen the sustainability of Europe’s buildings, which are responsible for:

  • 1/2 of all extracted materials
  • 1/2 of total energy consumption
  • 1/3 of water consumption
  • 1/3 of waste generation.

Level(s) is open source and freely available to all. 



General publications | | Генерална дирекция „Околна среда“

Level(s) is a European framework to help built-environment sector professionals assess and monitor the sustainability performance of buildings. If you operate an assessment or certification scheme in the European Union, this publication can help you understand how Level(s) complements your work.

Factsheet | | Генерална дирекция „Околна среда“

EU initiatives such as the European Green Deal and the following Circular Economy Action Plan and Renovation Wave have singled out buildings and construction as key areas for action, as the Union pushes forward with its green transition towards carbon neutrality.

Factsheet | | Генерална дирекция „Околна среда“

In our second edition, we interview policymakers, construction experts, and practitioners to understand how embracing Level(s) can help them to integrate the concept of whole life carbon into building projects.