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Reporting and monitoring of environment legislation

Steps and milestones


  • May 2015 - Adoption of the Better Regulation Package. The Communication on Better Regulation (COM(2015)215) of 19 May 2015 provided the commitment to the initiative on streamlining environmental reporting under the section “Improving implementation” where it set out a number of actions, in particular to: "Launch a broad review of reporting requirements to see how burdens can be alleviated. This review will have a particularly strong focus on areas where stakeholders have recently indicated their concerns, such as agriculture, energy, environment and financial services."
  • October 2015 - Adoption of the Commission Work Programme 2016. The Fitness Check on environmental monitoring and reporting is included in Annex II
  • November 2015 - Launch of the Stakeholder public consultation. This both asked for opinions on principles of reporting and also sought evidence from stakeholders on where they perceived problems. This consultation was open for a period of 12 weeks.
  • November 2015 - Workshop with Member States and the "Make it work" initiative. A joint Commission and Make it Work workshop was held on 19-20 November 2015 in Brussels to discuss principles for smart monitoring and reporting. The initiative on streamlining environmental reporting has to cooperate with Member States, e.g. through the “Make It Work” initiative which are also developing work on reporting at that moment.



  • 15/02/2018: Roadmap for alignment proposal to streamline environmental reporting published! This initiates one of the follow up actions to the Fitness Check. Information on the progress regarding all the actions is regularly updated.
  • 27/03/2018: A new CIRCABC library has been established and will be used to share information and documents related to the implementation of all actions.
  • 28/03/2018: Rolling Work Programme 2018-2020 on environmental reporting published! Action 2 of the Commission Report COM(2017) 312 announced that the Commission will assess and change environmental reporting practices in all relevant areas in accordance with a rolling work programme. This programme has now been agreed and work is already ongoing in those areas which are indicated for this year.
  • 31/05/2018: Proposal for a Regulation on the alignment of reporting obligations in the field of environment policy was adopted on 31st May 2018. The proposal represents Action 1 based on the Fitness Check evaluation action plan. This alignment proposal has been prepared on the basis of the evidence in the Fitness Check evaluation and other evaluations that were recently carried out on individual pieces of legislation. The alignment proposal’s objectives are to improve the evidence base for implementing EU policy, increase transparency for the public and simplify reporting with a view to reducing administrative burden. It covers 10 pieces of environmental legislation, namely Directives 86/278/EEC, 2002/49/EC, 2004/35/EC, 2007/2/EC, 2009/147/EC and 2010/63/EU, Regulations (EC) No 166/2006 and (EU) No 995/2010, and Council Regulations (EC) No 338/97 and (EC) No 2173/2005.”