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EU Environmental Law Training Package

In this section you can access training tools which have been developed by the European Commission in support to all training structures and trainers with an interest in EU environmental law. They can be used in a European, national or local training context, and adapted to specific needs and target groups.

What is to be found in the EU environmental law training package?

The training package on EU environmental law consists of “modules” (a training package dedicated to a specific topic such as “EU Waste Legislation”). Each module is divided in “sessions” (specific training exercises, e.g. case-studies, presentation of Directives, etc.).

The modules are a mix of front-teaching presentations and interactive work on case-studies (four case-studies during seminars of 2,5 days). However, trainers can use freely this material and for instance, design their own seminars by selecting only a limited sub-set of available sessions.

The modules available (in English) are:

Here you will find a training module, prepared in Italian, for a workshop for the Italian and Maltese judiciaries Rome (28-30 October 2019):

Moreover training materials are available on the following general issues:

You will also find a training manual of Training the Trainers which explains how these training packages can be used in practice.

What are the conditions for using the EU environmental law training package?

The EU environmental law training package can be used freely. It is distributed under the Creative Commons License. It means that modules and sessions can be reproduced and integrated in training events as long as the source is acknowledged.

Why has the European Commission developed such a package?

The role of national judges for ensuring full implementation of EU law is crucial. It is particularly true in the domain of environment where thousands of decisions having a potential impact on environment are taken every year in Europe.

The associations of magistrates and judges expressed a need to reinforce contacts between judges with a view to exploring the practical questions that the application of European Law often poses. In this context, the Commission proposed to develop relevant training materials and to organise a series of workshops and seminars dealing with EU environmental law.

How was it developed?

Between 2008-2012 the Commission contracted the European Institute of Public Administration to develop training modules on various topics of EU environmental law as well as to organise workshops and seminars on the implementation of EU environmental law. The main purpose of these workshops is to raise awareness of EU environmental law and policy and to provide a forum for exchange of knowledge and experience. Since 2012 the Commission contracted the Academy of European Law to develop further training modules.

The package has been designed in close cooperation with national judges and national training centres for the judiciary. Judges’ professional associations like the Association of European Administrative Judges, the Association of Council of States and Supreme Administrative Jurisdictions of the European Union and the EU Forum of Judges for Environment are represented in the programme's Steering Committee and in the Plenary Assembly. These consultative bodies contribute to the substance of the training modules as well as to organisational issues.

Feedback and suggestions are welcome!

Please give us feedback on the package. Let us know in which context you have been using it, what difficulties you have met, suggest other developments, etc. Please use this form (please fill it in and send it to the following email: