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Training package on EU Environmental Assessment Law – Focus on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Directives

Quiz on: Focus on Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

# of questions you got right:

The questions you got wrong:

Grade in percentage:

1) Which protocol deals with transboundary SEA under the framework of the UNECE?
a) Kyiv Protocol.
b) Gothenburg Protocol.
c) The Hague Protocol.

2) How many times was the SEA Directive amended since its adoption in 2001?
a) 3.
b) 5.
c) 0.

3) To what kind of documents does a SEA relate to?
a) national legislation in the field of nature protection and environmental policy.
b) plans and programmes prepared by national, regional or local authorities.
c) technical documentation of strategic projects.

4) Which plans and programmes are NOT subject to an SEA?
a) energy strategies.
b) plans and programmes in the field of land use planning.
c) the sole purpose of which is to serve national defence or civil emergency.

5) What is mandatory under the SEA Directive, while not under the EIA Directive?
a) screening.
b) scoping.
c) monitoring.

6) Which process is currently (April-July 2018) underway in the European Commission related to the SEA Directive?
a) REFIT (fitness check of EU law).
b) codification.
c) recast.


Developed by the Academy of European Law (ERA)