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Training package on EU Environmental Assessment Law – Focus on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Directives

Quiz on: Focus on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

# of questions you got right:

The questions you got wrong:

Grade in percentage:

1) For which of the following projects a mandatory EIA is required?
a) hydropower installations.
b) motorway constructions.
c) thermal power plants, regardless of their capacity.

2) What is the common name of the process under Article 4(2) of the EIA Directive, whereby first it shall be decided by the competent authority whether a full EIA is needed?
a) scoping.
b) monitoring.
c) screening.

3) What is the purpose of scoping?
a) to define the key impacts and issues of concern in the EIA procedure.
b) to establish which individuals and organisations can take part in the public participation procedure.

4) What type of scoping is required by the EIA Directive as a minimum?
a) mandatory (regardless of the developer’s request).
b) voluntary (upon request of the developer).

5) What is NOT a mandatory element of the EIA report?
a) an assessment of the reasonable alternatives to the project.
b) a non-technical summary.
c) policy recommendations for the policy area concerned by the project.

6) Which landmark case of the ECJ confirmed the wide scope and broad purpose of the EIA Directive?
a) Kraaijeveld and Others (C-72/95).
b) Umweltanwalt von Kärnten (C-205/08).
c) Linster (C-287/98).


Developed by the Academy of European Law (ERA)