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Circular Economy Missions to Third Countries


The Circular Economy Missions are a series of high-level political and business meetings in third countries to communicate and promote sustainable and resource-efficient policies.

The missions are organised by the Directorate-General (DG) for the Environment of the European Commission and aim to build bridges between European institutions, NGOs and companies and the relevant stakeholders in those third countries, interested in the opportunities that the transition to the circular economy brings.

These initiatives have the potential of strengthening existing and creating new ties between the EU and third country institutions in the field of environment, as well as supporting green European businesses - especially SMEs- to expand their activities abroad.


The Circular Economy Missions are conceived with three clear objectives:

  • To increase cooperation between the EU and third countries in the field of environmental policy. This can be achieved by signing political agreements directed at fostering the circular economy, green public procurement and innovative, sustainable and inclusive growth. 
  • To achieve a better understanding of the environmental challenges faced by third countries.
  • To promote green solutions through business partnerships abroad. In this regard, the missions will organise matchmaking events between European and local entrepreneurs and will engage in exchange of views with targeted audiences.


The policies discussed during the missions gravitate around circular economy, resource efficiency and sustainable use of natural resources.

In particular, the missions focus on topics related to eco-innovation, chemicals and plastic, waste, water management, marine pollution and urban environmental best practices. These issues offer a wide area for further bilateral discussions, not least because they have a great potential for innovative business solutions. For instance, the use of state-of-the-art technologies can help to reduce environmental impacts.

Future Missions:

Circular Economy Mission to Nigeria

The Director-General for the Environment of the European Commission would like to invite you to a Circular Economy Mission to Nigeria on 27-30 April 2020.
Please find attached the invitation letter and the draft programme.

Deadline to register is 13 March 2020.

To receive more information about future Missions, please leave us your contact details here.


In view of the Covid-19 crisis and the travel restrictions, we regret to inform you that the European Commission has decided to postpone the Circular Economy Mission to Nigeria (27 and 30 April).
However, we remain fully committed to working with Nigeria and organising a Circular Economy Mission to be part of Nigeria’s green transition.
We will find a new date as soon as circumstances permit and will keep you informed of any further development.
We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience.


Past Missions: