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European Economic Recovery Plan

The European Economic Recovery Plan, announced at the end of 2008, has highlighted the need of a coordinated action at national and the EU levels respond to the current economic crisis. The Plan has also identified an important number of green initiatives with a focus on energy-saving and climate-change related measures.

Upon a specific request by the Environment Council (3 March 2009), DG ENV has developed a non-paper on "Green Elements from Member States´ recovery plans", providing an analytical overview of "green" efforts in Member States on the basis of information from public sources or provided by Member States.

The non-paper focuses on Member States efforts to green their economies while dealing with the current economic crisis, and at the same time it highlights a further scope for smart green investments by Member States.

The non-paper also includes two annexes. Annex 1 provides a summary of "green" stimulus foreseen or already being implemented in various sectors in Member States, while Annex 2 provides a detailed list and a brief description of individual "green" measures.

For more information on the EU's response to the financial and economic crisis, please see: