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Retail Forum


What's new ?

  • On Tuesday 26 of June 2018 the annual event of the Retail Forum for Sustainability will take place in Brussels. The event will focus on the European strategy for plastics in a circular economy and especially on the role for retailers.
    For more information about the event, please visit the Commission’s Events web page.
  • On the 1st of June the Signatories of the Retailers' Environmental Action Plan handed-out their pledge to contribute to the implementation of a more Circular Economy to the European Commissioner for the Environment Karmenu Vella.

    This pledge consists of different specific commitments summarised in a joint statement.

    The individual commitments are gathered in the REAP on-line database and will lead to concrete, clear and measurable actions that will be monitored and transparently reported during the next three years.


The Retail Forum is a multi-stakeholder platform set up in order to exchange best practices on sustainability in the European retail sector and to identify opportunities and barriers that may further or hinder the achievement of sustainable consumption and production.

Retailers in Europe are in an exceptional position to promote more sustainable consumption not only via their daily contact with millions of European consumers, but also through their own actions and their partnerships with suppliers.

The Retail Forum has been working on bringing to the fore more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient products as well as providing better information to consumers on how to use products in the most ecologically efficient way.

Click here to learn more on this innovative initiative.