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Coastal Zone Policy

Member State reports on the implementation of ICZM

In November 2004, DG Environment in agreement with EU ICZM Expert Group conducted a survey to analyse the responses in the coastal Member States to the EU ICZM Recommendation (nature, stocktake or studies carried out, scope and contents of ICZM strategies, reporting). The results of the survey are presented in an overall implementation overview. (pdf ~74K).

Member State reports 2002-2006

The EU ICZM Recommendation requested national reports on the implementation of the ICZM Recommendation by February 2006 (Chap. VI(1)). Guidelines for the reports were developed in collaboration with the EU ICZM Expert Group.

With the national reporting by the Member States in 2006 and the subsequent Commission Communication on the results of the evaluation in 2007 (COM(2007)308 final), the formal timeline set out in the Recommendation came to an end.

Member State reports 2006 – 2010

The 2007 evaluation confirmed the validity of the ICZM principles and concluded that implementation should further progress on basis on the EU ICZM Recommendation.

In 2010 the EU coastal Member States were invited to provide an update of the progress in implementing ICZM from 2006 up to 2010. A reporting guidance was also developed in collaboration with the EU ICZM Expert Group.

The Member State 2006-2010 reports can be viewed and downloaded here:

Belgium (BE) zip - 6 MB[12,5 MB]  

Bulgaria (BG) zip - 6 MB[4,7 MB]     

France (FR) zip - 6 MB[963KB]

Germany (DE) zip - 6 MB[171KB]  

Italy (IT) zip - 6 MB[2,3 MB]

Latvia (LV) zip - 6 MB[401 KB]

Lithuania (LT) zip - 6 MB[1,4 MB]

Malta (MT) zip - 6 MB[837KB]

Netherlands (NL) zip - 6 MB[4 MB]

Poland (PL) zip - 6 MB[7,5MB]

Portugal (PT) zip - 6 MB[3,4MB]

Romania (RO) zip - 6 MB[2,7 MB]

Slovenia (SL) zip - 6 MB[132 KB]

Spain (ES) zip - 6 MB[58 KB]

Sweden (SV) zip - 6 MB(5,5 MB)

United Kingdom (UK) zip - 6 MB[334KB]


These national reports formed an important basis for the preparation of the in March 2013 launched Commission initiative on integrated coastal management and the accompanying impact assessment.