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Coastal Zone Policy

Member State reports on the implementation of ICZM - 2010

With the national reporting by the Member States in 2006 and the subsequent Commission Communication on the results of the evaluation in 2007, the formal timeline set out in the EU ICZM Recommendation came to an end. However, the evaluation confirmed the validity of the ICZM principles and concluded that implementation should further progress on basis on the EU ICZM Recommendation.

In 2010 the EU coastal Member States were invited to provide an update of the progress in implementing ICZM from 2006 up to 2010. The national reports form an important basis for the reflection on a follow-up to the EU ICZM Recommendation and the impact assessment process launched by the European Commission. 

Guidelines for the Member States reports were established with the EU ICZM Expert group.

The Member State reports can be viewed and downloaded here:

Belgium (BE) zip - 6 MB [12,5 MB]  

Bulgaria (BG) zip - 2 MB [4,7 MB]     

France (FR) zip - 6 MB [963KB]

Germany (DE) zip - 6 MB [171KB]  

Italy (IT) zip - 2 MB [2,3 MB]

Latvia (LV) zip - 665 KB [401 KB]

Lithuania (LT) zip - 6 MB [1,4 MB]

Malta (MT) zip - 393 KB [837KB]

Netherlands (NL) zip - 2 MB [4 MB]

Poland (PL) zip - 393 KB [7,5MB]

Portugal (PT) zip - 393 KB [3,4MB]

Romania (RO) zip - 2 MB [2,7 MB]

Slovenia (SL) zip - 5 MB [132 KB]

Spain (ES) zip - 5 MB [58 KB] Sweden (SV) zip - 5 MB (5,5 MB)

United Kingdom (UK) zip - 393 KB [334KB]