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Coastal Zone Policy

Sound Coastal erosion management

The main findings and recommendations of the Eurosion project are summarised in the brochure "Living with coastal erosion in Europe: Sediment and Space for Sustainability": fr es

The deliverables of the project include:

  • A set of policy recommendations to deal with coastal erosion in a sustainable way. The recommendations are based on an analysis of the state-of-the-coast and current practices to deal with coastal erosion. The recommendations address the EU, national, regional and local levels.
  • A shoreline management guide: an interactive database covering 60 case-studies from across Europe, as well as an analysis report.
  • A geographical information system (GIS) database at scale of 1:100.000 covering the enlarged EU coastline. The database comprises 19 layers of information. Most of these layers are freely accessible and will be made downloadable from the European Environment Agency website.
  • For the regional and local scale (1:25.000) guidelines for local information systems, as well as a prototype.
  • Guidelines on three key aspects of sound coastal erosion management: Incorporation of coastal erosion issues into Environmental assessment procedures; Mapping of coastal erosion hazards; Assessing costs and benefits of coastline management techniques.

For more information and reports see

The Dutch Presidency organised a Coastal Conference on 25 November 2004, to discuss the practicability of the recommendations of the EUrosion project and their validity across many different European coasts. The report of the event can be downloaded here: