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Coastal Zone Policy

EU ICZM Expert Group

The EU ICZM Expert group facilitates the implementation of the EU ICZM Recommendation.

The expert group consists of Commission, Member States, Candidate countries and relevant European coastal interest or stakeholder groups.

The Terms of Reference of the group and the minutes of its meetings are available below:

The meeting in September 2012 was a joined EEA Eionet and Member State Expert Group workshop on Maritime Spatial Planning and Integrated Coastal Zone Management to discuss items of common interest for maritime spatial planning and integrated coastal management and to discuss the outline of the next EEA coastal report.

At the 2nd meeting the expert group endorsed a guidance report for the national stocktakes, which the Recommendation calls for in its Chapter III as the first step for its implementation. The meeting also heared a detailed presentation of the Spanish methodological approach to the stocktaking:

The working group on indicators and data established 2 set of indicators, one aimed to measure progress in ICZM, the other one mesuring sustainability on the coast. Progress in this work has been reported to the expert group at each meeting. The reports of the working group can be seen below, for discussion and orientations for further work given by the expert group, please refer to the minutes of expert group meetings.