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Recently Completed GPP Projects

In this section, you can find projects that have recently come to an end but which may have useful resources still available on their websites. These resources include a number of guidance documents and LCC tools, which are still accessible on the project website and may be useful for public authorities. Furthermore, you can find out, which public authorities were involved in each project at the national and/or local level and learn more about the outcomes of that project.



SCI–Network – Sustainable Construction & Innovation through Procurement
Project partners from: FI, UK, AT, NL, IT

SPEA – Smart Procurement European Alliance + Sustainable buildings
Project partners from: ES, UK, NL
2012 – 2016

MARIE – Mediterranean Building Rethinking for Energy Efficiency Improvement
Project partners from: PT, ES, FR, IT, MT, EL, HR, ME, CY
2011 – 2014





INNOCAT – Procurement of eco-innovative catering
Project partners from: FR, IT, FI, SE
2013 – 2016




Data centres

Eureca project
Project partners from: UK, DE, NL, IE
2015 – 2018




Energy using products

Euro–Topten – Best products of Europe
Project partners from: AT, BE, HR, CZ, FI, FR, DE, EL, IT, LT, LU, NO, PL, PT, RO, ES, SE, UK
2015 – 2018



ENERGY EFFICIENCY (including electricity, energy using products, vehicles)

Energy efficiency

SMART SPP – Innovation through sustainable procurement
Project partners from: ES, UK, PT, DE, DK
2008 – 2011

PRIMES – Green public procurement
Project partners from: HR, DK, FR, IT, SE, LV
2014 – 2016

GPP 2020 – Procurement for a low-carbon economy
Project partners from: AT, HR, DE, IT, NL, PT, SI, ES, SE
2013 – 2016

SPP Regions – Regional networks for sustainable procurement
Project partners from: ES, BG, DK, NL, UK, IT, FR
2015 – 2018




Project partners from: NL, DE, SE, DK, BE, FR, FI
2010 – 2015





EcoQUIP – Efficiency, quality and environmental sustainability of healthcare
Project partners from: UK, NL, IT, PL, HU
2013 – 2016

STOPandGO – Sustainable Technology for Older People – Get Organised
Project partners from: NL, ES, IT, UK
2014 – 2018




Road construction

Sustainable Timber Action (STA)
Project partners from: ES, IT, HU, EE, RO





Clean Fleets – Purchasing clean public vehicles
Project partners from: DE, IT, ES, RO, BG, UK, SE, HU
2012 – 2015

FIRED–uP – FIRE services Develop innovative Procurement
Project partners from: BE, UK
2012 – 2015

BuyZET – Procurement of innovative solutions for zero emission urban delivery if goods and services
Project partners from: DK, NL, NO
2016 – 2019