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Helpdesk for GPP

A Helpdesk for GPP has been launched as of January 2010. Its main mission is to promote and disseminate information about GPP, and to provide timely and accurate answers to stakeholders' enquiries. Stakeholders can send their questions by email to

Please note that replies on enquiries cannot be considered either as an analysis of an individual case nor as an interpretation of EU law in relation to a specific situation. They cannot be considered as  legal advice representing the view of the European Commission concerning the compatibility of national law with EU law, with regard to issues relating to public procurement.

The Helpdesk's tasks are not only to disseminate information about GPP and to provide answers to stakeholders' enquiries.  They also include the revision of GPP website (which is to become more user-friendly and interactive), preparation of a monthly GPP News-Alert, a new graphic design and elaboration of a list of frequently asked questions that will be available on GPP website and updated regularly.

Enquiries are welcome in English, French or German.

Contact details:
GPP Helpdesk
Tel: +49 761 368 920