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GPP Good Practice

Since January 2010, the European Commission has been promoting good practice experiences on GPP to illustrate how public authorities in Europe have successfully 'greened' a public tender or procurement process. These include the use of life-cycle costing (LCC), circular economy principles, approaches fostering sustainable innovation, among others.

These good practice cases also provide some tips for replicating experiences under the ‘lessons learned’ sections. Click on the product or service sectors below to access the pool of case studies available.

More good practice cases on green procurement are available in a number of European Commission publications accessible through the publications page of this website.



Poland’s first swimming pool meeting passive energy use standards Municipality of Sulejów (Poland, 2021)
Kantoor2023: a sustainable and circular building in Brussels Government of Flanders (Belgium, 2021)
Procurement of low-carbon residential buildings using life-cycle assessment criteria, Municipality of Helsinki (City of Helsinki, Finland, 2021)
Highly energy efficient health centre with swimming and sport facilities Orkland, Norway
Renovating the façade of an unused warehouse as part of plans for a sustainable Youth Centre, Consorci de la Ribera & Alzira Municipality, Spain
Increasing brick recycling rates when procuring demolition services in Hjørring Denmark
A low carbon, circular economy approach to concrete procurement, City of Zurich, Switzerland
Building a sustainable pre-school using ecolabel standards, Hyvinkää, Finland
Using recycled concrete in the construction of new buildings, Berlin, Germany
Building carbon negative student facilities as part of a campus redevelopment, Nottingham Trent University, UK
Energy efficient data centre, Vienna, Austria
Creating an energy sufficient hospital, Galicia, Spain
Energy efficiency through performance contracting, Government of Catalonia, Spain
Guidelines for economical buildings, Frankfurt, Germany
Installation of solar photovoltaic panels and associated works in public buildings, Tipperary, Ireland
An Energy Service Company (ESCO) used to cut energy use in municipal buildings, Vantaa, Finland
Greening internal finishings, Malta
Basque Council maintains buildings the greener way, Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain
Green procurement in Badalona's schools, Badalona, Spain
Greening the construction, renovation and design of buildings, the Basque Country, Spain
Construction of an energy-efficient kindergarten, Preddvor, Slovenia
Promoting life-cycle thinking in construction, Jyväskylä, Finland
Urban regeneration of the Vila d’Este neighbourhood, Portugal
Innovative and green bus shelters, Cornwall, United Kingdom
Green Building Materials for a Fire Station, Lorüns, Vorarlberg, Austria
Using LCA and CO2 performance to assess bidders, Netherlands
Supply of sustainable concrete at the London Olympics, UK
Zero carbon refurbishment in an East England school, UK
Sustainable new administrative centre, Leuven, Belgium
Procuring passive housing, Naantali, Finland
Building a Greener London Fire Brigade, UK
The Latvian Ministry of Environment goes for green investments, Latvia
Green primary school, Pembroke, Malta
Vienna's sustainable new hospital, Vienna, Austria



Vending machines for food and beverages University of Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy, 2021)

Procuring healthy and sustainable vegetables for Vienna’s nursing homes (Austria, 2020)
Wholesaler of sustainable food for schools and elderly care homes (Helsingborg, Sweden)
Increasing the share of organic food in public canteens – one egg at a time (Växjö, Sweden)
Eliminating single-use plastic from the provision of drinking water in medical centres (Mutualia, Spain)
Preparation and delivery of healthy and sustainable school meals, City of Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
Circular catering services for the Pļaviņu Gymnasium, Municipality of Plavinu, Latvia
Serving more organic and nutritionally-balanced food in schools, City of Munich, Germany
Procurement of catering services and organic food for school canteens, City of Lens, France
Sustainable, climate friendly catering at the University of Basel, Switzerland
People centered, low carbon healthcare catering solution, United Kingdom
Monitoring low carbon, sustainable catering services, Turin, Italy
Organic, seasonal food for kindergartens, Barcelona, Spain
Calculating the environmental impact of catering services, Finland
Procurement of 100% organic, seasonal food, Denmark
Organic Food Procurement for School Catering Services, Lens, France
A National Framework Contract for Green Dairy Products, Austria
Sustainable school meals in East Ayrshire, Scotland, UK
Sustainable food procurement for schools, Rome, Italy
Sustainable food for thought, Malmö, Sweden



Procuring solar vehicle-to-grid (V2G) charging stations for electric vehicles , Barcelona Metropolitan Area (Spain, 2021)
Procurement of hybrid electric buses, Romania, 2021
Procurement of electric buses and charging system, Ostrów Wielkopolski, Poland
Reducing food transport emissions through route optimisation and more efficient vehicles - City of Helsinki , Finland
An electric vehicle car sharing service for city workers and citizens in Lappeenranta, Finland
Procurement of sustainable, customer-oriented transport services - City of Rotterdam, Netherlands
Framework for alternatively powered vehicles, Federal Procurement Agency, Austria
Recovering biogas to power public transport, City of Vaasa, Finland
Towards zero emission public transport in the Province of North-Brabant, Netherlands
Innovative green solutions for decarbonising Malta’s ports, Malta
Croatian Post purchases e-bikes for mail deliveries, Croatia
Sustainable city logistics in London, UK
Greener waste collection services, Malta
Cleaner vehicles and electricity, Slovenia
Technology-Neutral Procurement of a Full-Electric Ferry, Lavik and Oppedal, Norway
Electric vehicle docking stations (e-fuel stations), Germany
EEV certified biomethane bus service, Reading, UK
CNG and hybrid buses: Alternative vehicles for a cleaner city, Madrid, Spain
Framework agreement for zero-emission vehicles, Oslo, Norway
Procurement of electric vehicles for public use, Paris, France
Cost-efficient and clean police cars, Berlin, Germany
Pre-Commercial Procurement for Smart Energy and Intelligent Mobility Solutions, Italy
Joint National Procurement of Electrical Vehicles, Sweden
Retrofitting trams for energy efficiency, Craiova, Romania
Replacement of diesel trucks with electric fleet, Stuttgart, Germany
Green ambulance procurement, Stockholm, Sweden
Hybrid cars for city administration, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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