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The Pan-European Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe

MCPFE is a process of dialog where more than 40 European states that are members of the Council of Europe have exchanged their views and formulated recommendations since 1990.

Four Conferences have been held to this day:

1990 Strasbourg

1993  Helsinki

1998  Lisbon

2003  Vienna

"Living forests are a basis of life on earth. By sustaining forests, we sustain life".

Forests create multiple benefits: they provide the raw material for renewable and environmentally friendly products and play an important role for economic welfare, biological diversity, the global carbon cycle and water balance. They are essential for providing environmental, protective, social and recreational services, especially in the light of an increasingly urbanised society. Forests are an important resource for rural development providing livelihoods for a diverse workforce, local communities, millions of forest owners as well as forest related enterprises. We, as policy makers, are responsible for achieving, in the forest sector and pro-actively with other sectors, a balance between the economic, ecological, social and cultural roles of forests in the context of sustainable development. 

(From the "Vienna Living Forest Summit Declaration". Fourth Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe, Vienna, 28-30 April 2003)