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Safe and Sustainable-by-Design criteria for chemicals, materials and products - First Stakeholders workshop

Through this workshop, the Commission aims to:

  • Inform stakeholders on the planned steps for the development of the safe and sustainable by design criteria
  • Initiate a first exchange of views with all interested parties on the safe and sustainable by design concept
  • Gather feedback from stakeholders on the presented steps and first developments
  • Environmental protection | Chemicals legislation
  • to

Practical information

Directorate-General for Environment and Directorate-General for Research and Innovation


Chemicals strategy visual
First Stakeholders workshop

The European Green Deal defines a clear vision and objectives to put European economy and society on a sustainable pathway, in particular to move towards climate neutrality, a circular economy and a zero pollution/toxic-free ambition. Key for this societal transformation will be the transition to a safe and sustainable by design approach, so that chemicals, materials and products are designed, produced and used in a way which does not harm people and the environment.

The Circular Economy Action Plan provides an agenda for achieving a cleaner and more competitive Europe, where safe and sustainable products are the norm, improving their durability, reusability, upgradability and reparability, and addressing the presence of hazardous chemicals. The Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability aims to catalyse the shift towards chemicals, materials and products that are inherently safe and sustainable, from production to end of life, and announces that the Commission will develop criteria on safe and sustainable-by-design by 2022.