Green Cities Fit for Life

Image by M Hjälm

Benefits of being a European Green Capital City

Being a European Green Capital brings many benefits long after the designated ‘winner’ year ends. Some of the city specific benefits of our previous winners are detailed below:

  • Increase in tourism
  • Positive international media coverage worth millions of euro
  • Increase in international profile, networking and new alliances
  • New jobs – green capitals have successfully exported their green products, processes and services
  • More emphasis on environmental projects through sponsorship and grants
  • Momentum to continue improving environmental sustainability
  • Boost in local pride and feeling of belonging
  • Enhancement of culture and the arts – The European Green Capital network

And more specifically:

Being an EGC attracts public financing – Bristol 2015 received £7 million to deliver a range of projects: clean tech award, UK schools programme, green tech festival, grass roots catalyst fund, volunteer programme

  • The Green Capital ‘label’ as an accelerator and catalyst for public policies with ownership of green issues and tools by local actors e.g. in Nantes 2013,  the green capital ‘label’ was highly appreciated and promoted environment as a top priority for 2014 municipal elections

Suggestions of activities to be undertaken by the winning city include:

–  Organisation of events such as:

    • International, EU wide and local events
    • The Opening Ceremony of the year of the Winning City (January)
    • Hosting of the Jury Meeting (June)
    • EGC Award Ceremony (June)
    • An Expert Panel meeting (typically January, March or October)
    • Meetings of the EGC Network

–  Attendance by the winning city at:

    • Green Week
    • EGC Award Ceremony (June)
    • Handover Ceremonies in Winning City or Brussels (typically November or December)

Support is provided on all of the above by DG Environment and the European Green Capital Secretariat:

    • Provide adequate speakers (at both political and technical levels) for events organised by the winning city
    • Provide support in producing a short video or a high quality brochure to promote the winning city
    • Provide support in compiling and printing the synopsis leaflet on the winning city
    • Provide support in producing the guest lists for major ceremonies and events
    • Supply promotional gadgets to the winning city
    • Produce video footage of the Award Ceremony and Handover Ceremony (if needed)
    • Promote the award via the “Will your city” leaflet and supporting promotional activities
    • Provide ongoing support from the appointed EGCA Secretariat

It should be noted that the lists provided above are only indicative and that changes occur on a regular basis.