Green Cities Fit for Life

Image by Ursula Bach


Bathing in the City

Inhabitants in the Danish capital can look forward to cleaner bathing waters and more green areas.

For years, citizens of Copenhagen have had the opportunity to swim in the harbour and from selected EU ‘Blue Flag’ beaches surrounding the capital city. Now, the aim is to make all sea waters in the metropolitan area meet standards for bathing by 2015.

Improved Waste Water Management

To reach this goal an improved waste water management system will be put in place. Today the entire city is connected to the sewage system. But this system has served the city for decades, and in 2010, the entire network will be examined and renovated.

Already in 2007 a decentralised treatment plant with an advanced filter system and UV equipment was built. This paved the way for the creation of a bathing beach in the northern part of the municipality.

Improvements of water quality fits well into the overall strategy of Copenhagen: to become a green and blue capital city and to become a clean and healthy major city by 2015.

More Parks

Copenhagen already offers its 1.1 million residents easy access to parks and green areas. Eight out of ten citizens today are able to reach a park within 300 meters from their home.

Yet these figures will improve in the future. According to the overall strategy, nine out of ten citizens by 2015 should be able to walk to a recreational area within 15 minutes. To meet this target, 14 new parks have been planned for, and 3000 street trees are scheduled to be planted.