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Bristol 2014 Finalist

Bristol impressed the Jury with its ambitious green sustainable vision, and with a variety of urban networks including NGOs, local business, academia and volunteers that are joining together to enhance and promote green growth. Bristol Green Capital Partnership is based on community ownership and involves over 200 organisations; its aim is to do more with less.

Integrated approach for clean air

Bristol’s policy on clean air and noise is commendable: the city has one of the most comprehensive air quality monitoring networks in the UK and has plans to manage transport to improve air quality and reduce noise. Bristol’s Air Quality Management Plan covers the whole city of Bristol and is integrated with the Joint Local Transport Plan. As a result of the joint plans Bristol has improved traffic management, reduced emissions, reduced congestion, improved accessibility and improved the quality of life of its citizens and encouraged sustainable communities.

Bristol’s Wildlife

Bristol has designated a Wildlife Network including Sites of Nature Conservation Interest (SNCI) and Wildlife Corridors. SNCI’s are the city’s locally valuable sites for nature conservation; they make a vital contribution to delivering Biodiversity and Geodiversity Action Plan targets and maintain local natural character and distinctiveness. To produce the update to the Local Plan, the Bristol Development Framework, an Urban Wildlife Corridor Assessment Methodology was developed to provide a sound scientific basis on which to designate wildlife corridors in Bristol and protect them from the impacts of development.

Wildlife corridors help to protect SNCIs from harm and provide an essential physical link between sites and the wider countryside. The Wildlife Network contributes substantially to the city’s overall green infrastructure and other ecosystem services such as flood storage, carbon absorption and reducing the urban heat island effect. Bristol is at the forefront of thinking and action in defining its Wildlife Network and defending its function through integration with land use policies.

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