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Umeå launch green parking scheme

5th February 2014

The Municipality of Umeå, situated in the north of Sweden, is committed to creating a safe and sustainable city that will appeal to both residents and tourists. To help achieve this goal, the city has set up a pilot project known as the Green Parking Purchase programme.

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The aim of the programme is to share the responsibility of the impact of Umeå’s commuters with property owners in the city. The programme offers property owners a reduction in car parking lot fees if they contribute to the city’s public transport fund, develop car-sharing systems, provide facilities for cyclists, and produce a green transport communication plan. In doing so, the scheme aims to encourage more sustainable transport solutions (such as cycling and car-sharing), which will have positive knock-on effects on land use and air quality.

To find out more about Umeå’s Green Parking Purchase programme click here.

European Green Capital Award
The 2014 European Green Capital Copenhagen is finding various ways to discourage cars, especially for commuting. The area covered by parking charges has been expanded three-fold, and rules are in place to ensure that residents get priority access to spaces. The city is encouraging car-share schemes by reserving parking spaces for licence holders. The Action Plan for Green Mobility includes a proposal for congestion charging, already introduced in Stockholm, which would have a great impact on traffic hold-ups as well as the climate, environment and emissions of the city.

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