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Siena starts the New Year as Europe’s first carbon free city

22nd January 2014

Siena, an Italian city situated in Tuscany, has met its target to become a carbon neutral city ahead of schedule.  It was originally intended to reach its carbon-free target by 2015 but with the help of the Siena Carbon Free 2015 project it managed to fulfil its goal ahead of time.

Italian Minister for Environment, Andrea Orlando, the Siena Municipality Mayor, Bruno Valentini and ICLEI Europe’s Siegfried Zollner were among those attending the project’s final conference last December.

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Renewable energy, reducing the use of fossil fuels, protecting forests and retrofitting buildings were some of the measures that enabled Siena to reach its objective. For example, the city switched to biomass, photovoltaic panels and geothermal sources of energy production  and developed a new energy plan with a primary focus on reducing energy consumption among citizens and businesses. In addition, new energy efficiency rules were drafted for future buildings erected in the city.

The European Green Capital Award and Air Quality

The European Green Capital recognises the importance of clean air and its importance to our well-being. It has listed the quality of local ambient air as one of the 12 environmental indicators for the Award.

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