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Image by M.Štojs

Growing a better future in Mollet del Vallès

Tree planting in Mollet del Vallès

Nearly 800 residents of Mollet del Vallès turned out for the city's annual tree planting festival last month—the highest attendance in recent years. This time, activities concentrated on parts of the Santa Rosa neighborhood in the southwest of the city.

All in all, participants planted 300 saplings and shrubs—stone pine and oak species—to expand the grove that forms part of Mollet's green ring, reducing noise pollution and masking the sight of road traffic for Santa Rosa residents.

The city council will be responsible for maintaining the trees until they are sufficiently rooted so as not to require extra watering. The tree festival, organized by the municipality and the city's cultural association, has been celebrated for 30 years. Over that time, more than 3500 trees have been planted across the city.