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Image by Ursula Bach

Copenhagen “rules out” pesticides

Rosenborg Castle Gardens in CopenhagenRosenborg Castle Gardens in Copenhagen


You can now add pesticide-free weed control to Copenhagen’s already long list of green credentials, which includes being a cycling paradise, having “perfect” water, and smart lighting.

Last month, in an official letter to the Pesticide Action Network, Morten Kabell, Copenhagen’s mayor for technical and environmental affairs, offered another reminder of why the city deserved its 2014 Green Capital title. According to Kabell, Copenhagen has avoided the use of pesticides in public areas for many years now:

The city has such good experience with alternative methods of managing weeds by now, that this rules out the reintroduction of pesticides.

The technical and environmental administration has deep knowledge of alternative methods [of weed control] and is willing to share this with others, so that we can jointly protect our environment and our drinking water.

Chemical weed killing is becoming redundant, due to new knowledge together with well-known alternative methods and a changed consciousness about biodiversity. The products could, according to us, be banned completely.

Ljubljana, this year’s European Green Capital, has expanded its green spaces over the past decade and takes great pride in its beekeeping heritage. Studies have linked the use of certain common pesticides to the global collapse of apian colonies.