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Image by Ursula Bach

Mayors Adapt – Call for European cities to register for the new City Twinning project!

Mayors Adapt, the Covenant of Mayors initiative on Adaptation to Climate Change, has launched an exciting new initiative to twin cities around Europe. This involves pairing up ten cities that are currently trying to become more climate change ‘resilient’ with ten cities that have already reached a high standard of sustainability.

29 07 15 Mayors Adapt

The chosen ‘learning’ cities (i.e. those still developing their climate change strategies) will be offered the chance to travel to the chosen ‘mentor’ cities (i.e. those that have already adopted successful climate change strategies). Local authorities and municipalities will be the representatives in a position to apply for this fantastic opportunity. Cities will be twinned on the basis of several criteria, which include climate and geographic features, socio-economic and institutional context and knowledge levels of climate adaptation.

Both ‘mentor’ and ‘learning’ cities will benefit in numerous ways from taking part in this programme. For example, the mentor city representatives will get a chance to host their partner municipality, showcase key projects to them and will be included in the ‘Best Practice’ publication which is issued Europe-wide. The learning municipality gets to travel to the host city to visit key sites and projects and will be supported by the Mayor Adapt helpdesk in adopting particular practices shown by the mentor. Financial and organisational aid will be provided to both the chosen host and visiting cities and a Mayors Adapt representative will be present on the trips.

This is a unique opportunity for local authorities to make changes for the better at local level, rather than relying on their national governments to lead the way. Mayors Adapt (or Covenant of Mayors) is a progressive project which aims to achieve a 28% reduction in Greenhouse gases (above the EU’s target of 20%). To date, 6,000 European cities have signed up and the initiative has been listed by ‘The Economist’ as one of the best in the world to help mitigate the effects of climate change. The City Twinning project could really help certain cities that are a little behind to catch up on those that have more experience in lowering their carbon emissions.

Interested local authorities or municipalities must register their interest by Monday 24th August 2015 and visits will occur between autumn 2015 and autumn 2016. Signatories of Mayors Adapt are encouraged to take part, however non-signatories are also welcome to register on the promise that they agree to sign up with the Mayors Adapt initiative before the trips begin. For further details and to register, please click this link.