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Low Carbon Bristol

29th May 2013

Bristol, which is one of the shortlisted cities aiming to be the European Green Capital in 2015, has recently launched a website to get its citizens involved in discussion in how they would like their future low carbon city look like. The Future Bristol: Low Carbon 2050 website presents two hypothetical scenarios – Scenario X and Scenario Y- featuring different possible low carbon measures in terms of technologies and infrastructure.

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The useful and dynamic website has won several awards, including the CSS Design Award and Smashing Award. Courtesy of Future Bristol

This innovative website is the result of a four year PhD, undertaken by Dr. Rose Bailey at the University of the West of England and supported jointly by Bristol City Council and the Centre for Sustainable Energy. This research explored how the Bristol city region might achieve its 2050 CO2 reduction emissions by 80% from a 2005 baseline. One of the “Future Bristol: Low Carbon 2050” project’s supporter is Bristol Green Capital, a membership organisation whose aim is to make Bristol a ‘low carbon city with a high quality of life”.

Bristol has clearly demonstrated its cutting edge commitment to reducing climate change in the last years throughout the approval of several measures and plans, in urban mobility and air quality among others. The British city is on the road towards green growth, but this cannot work without citizen engagement. Indeed Dr. Rose Bailey has noted that: “It is vital that the people of Bristol have their say – they are the future of Bristol. Predictions and discussions about the future can’t just remain in the academic world or in the City Hall. They need to be happening in the communities of our city.”

If you would like to contribute any ideas or opinions about the future of Bristol please click here.

European Green Capital Award 2015

Bristol, Brussels, Glasgow and Ljubljana have been chosen as the four finalists to proceed to the next stage of the European Green Capital 2015 Award. The European Green Capital 2015 will be announced at an official Award ceremony in France on 14 June 2013, hosted by the current European Green Capital Nantes, France.

For more information on the Award click here.

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