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Image by Ursula Bach

Grenoble replaces billboards with trees

The French city of Grenoble is set to ban all commercial street advertising. The first signs will be removed in January 2015 and 50 young trees will be planted where ads used to be. Between January and April 2015 over 300 billboards will be removed as part of the city wide initiative including 326 advertising signs and 64 billboards.

Image from city of Grenoble press-release courtesy of

Image from city of Grenoble press-release courtesy of

According to the Mayor of Grenoble, Eric Piolle, “The municipality has chosen to free Grenoble’s public spaces of advertising by developing spaces for public expression.” Cultural and community groups will be offered free advertising on noticeboards. By introducing the ban the city hopes to reduce visual pollution and environmental degradation.

Urban areas are the source of many of today’s environmental challenges – not surprisingly, since two out of three Europeans live in towns and cities. Local governments and authorities can provide the commitment and innovation needed to tackle and resolve many of these problems. The City of Bristol European Green Capital for 2015 has made particular efforts to promote parks and green spaces. They are very popular among the citizens and important in the struggle against climate change.