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Horst aan de Maas

Horst aan de Maas is situated in the Limburg province, in the south of the Netherlands. The municipality consists of 16 different urban cores, requiring strong collaboration between public authorities, organisations and residents. Horst aan de Maas has a history of active citizenship and entrepreneurship, encapsulated in the city slogan ‘Enterprising by Nature’.

Pont Broekhuizen HadMClimate Change and Energy Performance

Horst aan de Maas was commended for its public awareness around climate change and its collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders. For instance, the city is working with residents and companies as it strives to make one of its villages, Kronenberg, the first energy-neutral urban core in the Netherlands by 2020. The city is also focusing on increasing the sustainability of its glass-horticulture industry, as it currently accounts for over 40% of energy consumption in the city.

Sustainable Urban Mobility

Horst aan de Maas has an extensive bicycle and public transport network and has taken a wide range of actions to encourage cycling, shared transport and electric vehicles. The city involves its citizens in the effort to transition from a car dependent culture, for instance through the Trendsportal initiative, which provides a platform for residents and transport professionals to discuss the future of mobility in the city.


Horst aan de Maas has implemented positive measures for water management, including subsidising rainwater harvesting in households so that residents do not have to use drinking water for watering their plants. The city has also introduced measures for climate change adaptation, such as widening the River Maas to prevent flooding.


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EGLA Technical Assessment Report Award Cycle 2019


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