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Cornellà de Llobregat

Cornellà de Llobregat is a municipality located in the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona. It is highly compact with approximately 90,000 inhabitants. Being a highly urbanised area, Cornellà faces challenges related to air quality and biodiversity conservation. As evidenced in its application for the European Green Leaf Award, the municipality is facing these challenges head on to improve the quality of life for its citizens.

Nature, Biodiversity & Land Use

Cornellà has ambitious plans to inject nature into its densely populated urban area. Its strategy ‘Cornellà Nature Project (2016‐2026)’ focuses on enhancing its existing green space and creating green corridors to connect its natural amenities. The city is working with its citizens to ensure that each resident will have over 15 m2 of green space by 2025.

Air Quality and Noise20180311_Origami Dansa-5941

Cornellà has developed a plan to improve its air quality including measures such as promoting sustainable mobility, regulating boilers in municipal buildings and prohibiting cars with high levels of emissions from driving in the metropolitan area.

The municipality is also undertaking various actions to reduce noise pollution, including developing a Noise Action Plan, introducing traffic calming measures, and raising public awareness through its ‘Stop Noise’ and ‘Week without Noise’ campaigns.


Cornellà is taking measures to conserve its water, including replacing grass with plants that require less water, rainwater harvesting and reusing grey water (the wastewater collected from baths, showers and sinks).

The municipality has also carried out campaigns and education programmes to build awareness around domestic water consumption, such as the ‘We Love Water’ campaign, which focused on how to prevent water pollution.


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