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2020 EGLA

EGLA 2020 Applicant Cities

The winners of  the European Green Leaf 2020 competition have been announced! 

Three cities made it to the final stage of the competition out of the 12 cities that entered the competition in October 2018. They were: Lappeenranta (Finland), Limerick (Ireland) and Mechelen (Belgium).

These finalist cities  presented to  an international jury on 19 June 2019 to outline their overall commitment to sustainable urban development, their capacity to act as a role model for other cities, and their strategy for communicating and engaging with their citizens.

At the Awards Ceremony 20 June in Oslo Limerick and Mechelen were announced as the EGLA 2020 winnners.

Joint European Green Leaf 2020 winner, Limerick, was commended for its ongoing investments leading to improved air quality and noise levels in the city. Limerick is currently transforming itself into Ireland’s first digital city, integrating several public services, creating smart homes and buildings, energy districts and smart neighbourhoods. The city is effectively managing its air quality thanks to the acquisition of particle and gas monitors. Limerick also encourages people to leave their cars at home by providing better cycling, walking and public transport infrastructure with the aim of reducing transport emissions. Limerick was also recognised for its development of noise maps and action plans, updated every five years, continuously monitoring the acoustic environment, analysing trends, and assessing the effectiveness of the actions undertaken.


Joint European Green Leaf 2020 winner, Mechelen, was recognised for its dedication to sustainable urban mobility, nature, biodiversity, sustainable land use, and waste and circular economy. Mechelen closely involves citizens in the creation and achievement of the city’s environmental goals.  City partners are also involved in smart city development through ‘citylabs’. Mechelen’s approach to biodiversity conservation and sustainable land use management is very coherent and well implemented, with clear objectives in the city’s plans and strategies. The city provides a clear direction for strengthening its green/blue network. Mechelen was also a finalist in last year’s competition, for the European Green Leaf 2019.


For more information on the European Green Leaf 2020 competition and evaluation process to date, please continue reading below.

Key dates for the 2020 competition cycle:

About the Award

The European Green Leaf Award recognises and promotes the efforts of towns and cities (with 20,000 up to 100,000 inhabitants) towards better environmental management and outcomes.

An international Expert Panel performed a detailed technical assessment of each applicant, on the basis of six environmental topic areas. These topic areas are:

  • Climate Change & Energy Performance
  • Sustainable Urban Mobility
  • Nature, Biodiversity & Sustainable Land Use
  • Air Quality & Noise
  • Waste & Circular Economy
  • Water

Based on each city’s performance across the above environmental topic areas, the Expert Panel selected the finalist cities ..

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