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Mollet del Vallès

Mollet del Vallès, European Green Leaf

The Spanish city of Mollet del Vallès has won a European Green Leaf in the first year of the new competition which recognises a city’s commitment to better environmental outcomes. Mollet del Vallès was singled out for its citizen involvement, urban mobility plan, local air quality action plan and water management measures, and for its efforts in waste management and green economy.

The town of Mollet del Vallès, is located in Catalonia, Spain and has a population of approximately 52,000, covering an area of approximately 10.8 km2. It is situated in the valley of the Besòs River, within the so-called outer urban ring, to the southwest of the Vallès Oriental region and is approximately 20 km from the city of Barcelona. It is an important town in the metropolitan area of Vallès Oriental which is known as Baix Vallès.

Urban Mobility Plan and the Mobility Round Table

The jury was particularly impressed by Mollet Del Vallès’ urban mobility plan, which favours pedestrian mobility, public transport and includes a Mobility Round Table for discussions with all stakeholders to boost public engagement during the plan’s preparation. To further encourage this engagement and help identify issues associated with particular routes, users were taken on typical commuter trips and asked to give feedback on the various strengths and weaknesses. Bus usage in the municipality has increased by 25% in the last 5 years.

Air Quality

Mollet Del Vallès’ local air quality action plan, which has recently been adopted with the aim of reducing air pollution, is equally impressive. A permanent monitoring station has been in place since 2007 and has recorded a decreasing trend for airborne particulates, reflecting the city’s integrated efforts to increase sustainable transport methods and reduce pollution. A ‘Cleaner Air’ awareness raising campaign conducted throughout 2013 highlighted these efforts.

Acoustic Zoning

The municipality of Mollet del Vallès has carried out Acoustic zoning of the municipal area by identifying and classifying the different types of land use. This zoning is a very important management tool for improving and maintaining the quality of the acoustic environment in Mollet. The acoustic zoning takes into account urbanised areas, new urban developments, sectors of the territory affected by general systems of transport infrastructure and other public facilities, as well as areas of natural interest or special protection against noise pollution. Through this zoning, there can be regulation of both the activities and noise from the neighborhood, as well as appropriate transport infrastructure. It is therefore a basic tool for the resolution of sound conflicts in the municipality.

Green Point Mobile Initiative and Vehicle

At the end of 2008, the Catalan Government granted financial support to Mollet del Vallès City Council, for the implementation of a special waste collection vehicle project to provide citizens with greater access to outlets to recycle waste materials. The Green Point Mobile vehicle was introduced to act as a collection point for waste throughout the municipality. The vehicle travels throughout the municipality allowing citizens to drop by the vehicle to deposit waste in to allocated bins, allowing for the segregation of waste items.

These different waste items are then transported in the vehicle to the Green Point Fix waste facility for recovery, recycling or appropriate treatment. The average number of users of the mobile waste collection point has reached over in 7,500 per year. In order to encourage citizens to use the Green Point Mobile service, the municipality has implemented a loyalty card system which allows citizens to receive a 10% discount on waste tax, after they have used the service at least 5 times a year. 

With the aim of increasing the recovery and recycling of materials in Mollet, a new service of dismantling furniture has also been implemented at the Green Point Fix facilities.

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