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Image by C. Spahrbier

Eindhoven introduces Sustainable Smart Lighting Systems

26th March 2014

On 14th March 2014 the Dutch City of Eindhoven introduced its first set of LED smart street lights. The new lighting system automatically switches off when streets are unoccupied and allows city residents to create their own mood lighting. It is hoped that the new LED lighting system will also reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions in the city.

Photograph: Serge van den Berg/Verse Beeldwaren via

“We’re still investing in regular lighting as well, but our new LED lighting system can be controlled by computers, which means that each streetlight can be controlled individually,” says the city’s lighting project manager, Rik van Stiphout. For example, if there is nobody around, the lights will automatically dim. However, if a car, cyclist or pedestrian approaches, the lights automatically turn on and guide the vehicle or person on their route.

The system also means that street lanterns can be adapted in accordance with the weather conditions, for example flashing red to warn residents of approaching storms or floods. The LED lighting system can also be adjusted for a specific street or corner of a city square, in order to provide ambience to that area. “Residents are the real customers of light, and we tend to forget that,” explains van den Berg, from the energy sustainability firm Het Energie Bureau. 

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