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Copenhagen Awarded the Highest Certification in Sustainability: DGNB

26th March 2014

The North Harbour, an urban area in Copenhagen has been awarded the highest certification in sustainability. DGNB, is a German certification system, that has been selected by the Danish Green Building Council as it incorporates all aspects of sustainability – environmental, social and economic – in addition to assessing the technical and operational aspects.

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The development of North Harbour is being undertaken by Copenhagen City and Port development, in collaboration with the City of Copenhagen and several consultants. The harbour is slowly being transformed into an urban area where districts will be designed as small islets that are openly connected with the water.

The certification system has already certified many commercial buildings in Denmark. Under the same competition, the districts of Aarhus, Horsens and Carlsberg City achieved the silver level standard.

Copenhagen is no stranger to international environmental awards: in 2012 it surpassed 17 other candidate cities in Europe to become the European Green Capital 2014. The award pays tribute to Copenhagen’s record of consistently high environmental standards and its commitment to ambitious green goals. The European Commission launched the European Green Capital Award (EGCA) as a way of highlighting, publicising and giving recognition to these efforts.

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