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The Jury

For the final stage of the EGCA competition, finalist cities are invited to present a communications strategy substantiated by action plans on how they intend to fulfil their European Green Capital year to an international Jury.

The Jury assesses the EGCA finalist cities based on the following evaluation criteria:

  1. The city’s overall commitment, vision and enthusiasm as conveyed through the presentation.
  2. The city’s capacity to act as a role model, to inspire other cities, promote best practices and further raise awareness of the EGC model.
  3. The city’s communication strategy and actions, which should address:
    • Citizen communication and involvement to date in relation to the 12 environmental indicators, including effectiveness via changes in citizen behaviour, lessons learned and proposed modifications for the future.
    • The extent of the city’s partnering (local, regional and national) to gain maximum social and economic leverage.
    • How they intend to fulfil their role of EU Ambassador, inspiring other cities.
  4. The city’s proposal on initiatives and measures intended to be set in place within the year of the award to enhance the city’s environmental sustainability and to contribute to achieving the city’s sustainability vision.

The Jury makes its final decision based on the quality of this presentation and the winner is announced at an annual Awards Ceremony.

This year, the Jury includes representatives from:


European_Commission     The European Commission, DG Environment


eu_parliament_logo     The European Parliament


EEB_Logo     European Environmental Bureau


iclei     ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability


COM_Logo     The Covenant of Mayors Office


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