Green Cities Fit for Life

Image by Jean-Dominique Billaud

Expert: Dr. Henk Wolfert

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EGCA Expert for Sustainable Land Use

EGLA Expert for Nature, Biodiversity and Sustainable Land Use

Programme manager, Wageningen Environmental Research, Wageningen University & Research

Henk Wolfert is a programme manager at the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions. He is responsible for the Vital City research theme, which addresses the issues of urban climate resilience, metropolitan food systems and healthy urban living in Amsterdam. His main interest is strategic and applied research and setting up living labs, with both public and private partners.

He is one of the initiators of the Flevo Campus in the City of Almere and its scientific programme ‘The Feeding City’, focusing on a transition into more regionally oriented urban food systems. In addition, he is the driver behind the Wageningen City Agenda, aiming at co-operation between the city of Wageningen and Wageningen University & Research.

Henk has been working at Wageningen Environmental Research in various positions: researcher of geomorphology, team leader Landscape Systems Research, executive secretary of the Board of Directors and co-ordinator of the Wageningen Research programme System Earth Management. Henk was member of several peer and governmental advisory commissions.

He is a member of the team of co-ordinators of the Partnership for European Environmental Research (PEER), member of the advisory board of the New Water Ways project in Oslo and involved in an expert team of the European Science for Environment Policy News Alert.

Henk holds a master’s degree in Physical Geography from the University of Amsterdam, and a PhD degree from Utrecht University. His PhD was on river rehabilitation and geomorphological change.