Green Cities Fit for Life

Image by Jean-Dominique Billaud

Expert Panel

The members of the Expert Panel responsible for the technical review of the applications of the European Green Capital 2023 and the European Green Leaf 2022 Awards are listed below.



Air Quality

Mr. Joan Marc Craviotto Arnau


Dr. César Asensio


Mr. Olivier Gaillot


Mr. Christof Mainz

Nature and Biodiversity

Mr. David Jamieson

Sustainable Land Use and Soil

Dr. Henk Wolfert

Green Growth and Eco-innovation

Ms. Zita Dibáczi

Climate Change: Mitigation

Dr. Matt Kennedy

Climate Change: Adaptation

Ms. Birgit Georgi

Sustainable Urban Mobility

Dr. George Angelou

Energy Performance

Ms. Vesna Kolega


Mr. Alex Minshull


The role of each member of the Expert Panel are as follows:

– Responding to queries from applicant cities via the Secretariat
– Assessment of primary indicator area
– Peer review of a secondary indicator area
– Preparation of technical comments for reporting purposes
– Evaluation of applications normally occurs from November to March inclusive
– Attendance at three evaluation meetings
– Review of application form indicator text
– Review of the guidance note on indicator area

To find out more about the evaluation process please click here.