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EGCN 100% Renewable Toolkit

EGCN 100% Renewable Toolkit

This toolkit tackles the question of how to become ‘100% renewable’. Here some of the European Green Capital Network members share some of the successes and challenges they have faced on their paths towards this vision. This toolkit shows that achieving 100% renewable status is not solely about renewable energy supplies, but also about reducing energy demand through energy efficiency measures such as building retrofits, electric mobility, achieving ambitious policies and targets, and above all, about the importance of inclusive energy transitions.

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Transformation pathways

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Watch the interviews to hear from some of the European Green Capital Network experts who contributed to this toolkit.

100% renewable tools and resources

Covenant of mayors: The world’s largest movement for local climate and energy action.

EU Urban Agenda Partnership on Energy Transition: Working towards better regulation, knowledge and funding.

ICLEI's carbonn Climate Center: Robust reporting practices for transparency and accountability in local climate action.

Energy Cities: Best practice database featuring over 100 cities in energy transition.

ResCOOP: The European federation for renewable energy cooperatives.

100% Renewable webinar: How can your city become 100% renewable?

On 2 September 2020 the 100% Renewable webinar took place, focusing on exploring the sustainable neighbourhoods of Umeå (Sweden), the solar energy strategy in Lisbon (Portugal), and regional cooperation for renewable energy in Nuremberg (Germany).

Watch a recording of the webinar: