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EGCN Less Waste, More Value Toolkit

EGCN Less Waste, More Value Toolkit

This toolkit tackles the question of how to get to less waste, more value. From bins holding protest placards and cycling compost heaps, to family versus family rivalry, to bringing packaging producers to see where their rubbish ends up, cities are full of ingenious ways to reduce waste and increase reuse and recycling.

The toolkit contains guidelines, tips and inspiring stories from circular economy and waste experts from Europe’s leading cities: members of the European Green Capital Network. The toolkit should encourage other cities to take the next steps towards a circular economy and improving waste prevention practices.

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Transformation pathways

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Watch the interviews to hear from some of the European Green Capital Network experts who contributed to this toolkit.

Less Waste, More Value tools and resources

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European Environment Agency: Support for sustainable development, including status reports, recommendations, indicators and best practices.

Circular Economy Funding Guide: Information on financing and funding for circular initiatives and on setting up funding programmes to support transition to the circular economy.

Recovery Fund: The EU Recovery Fund will power a fair socio-economic recovery, repair and revitalise the Single Market, guarantee a level playing field, and support the urgent investments.

Cohesion Fund: The Cohesion Fund supports projects related to energy or transport, as long as they clearly benefit the environment.

Ellen McArthur Foundation: Opportunities for business, innovators, cities and governments to share knowledge and put ideas into practice.

Less Waste, More Value webinar: How can your city get to Less Waste, More Value?

On 9 September 2020 the Less Waste, More Value webinar took place, focusing on strategies to strengthen municipal waste management practices, improve the separation and treatment of waste and encourage citizens and businesses to reduce the amount of waste they generate.

Watch a recording of the webinar: