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Image by M Hjälm

2020 Applicant Workshop

The Applicant Workshop for the 2020 European Green Capital Award (EGCA) competition cycle was held on Tuesday 27 June 2017 in Brussels. The day provided potential applicants with an overview of the competition and communications process, Expert Panel advice, insights from previous winners and networking opportunities.


There were a number of guest speakers at the workshop accompanied by advice from the Secretariat. All information from the workshop is available below:

1. Introduction to the Secretariat – We’re here to help

Overview of the Secretariat, its role in the whole process and how the Secretariat can help applicant cities. To view this presentation please click here.

2. Overview of the 2020 Evaluation and Assessment Process

Louise Connolly of the EGCA Secretariat presented an overview of the application form and guidance note content, the online registration/application portal, rules of contest, facts and tips on how to complete an application form, how applications are assessed and case studies from cities that performed well in particular indicators to showcase what made theirs a good application. To view these presentations please click here and here.

3. Expert Panel Guidance

Dr. Annemieke Smit is the expert for Indicator 4 Sustainable Land Use. In her video-presentation Annemieke shared her advice on what makes a quality application and what impresses the expert evaluation panel. To view Annemieke’s video please click here.

4. Communications

Neasa Kane-Fine of the EGCA Secretariat gave an overview of the communications aspects of the application process, including presenting to the jury, how a City should communicate their winning year and the EGCA branding rules and guidelines. To view this presentation click here.

5. Key elements for a winning bid

Nijmegen was awarded the 2018 European Green Capital title. Ton Verhoeven, City of Nijmegen shared Nijmegen’s experiences in applying and detailed key elements of their bid which they believe were crucial to winning. To view this presentation please click here.

6. Building a European Green Capital Programme and the Benefits of being a European Green Capital

Nijmegen launched their European Green Capital Programme on 30 June 2017. Welmoed Barendsen presented how their EGC Programme was developed and how winning the award has benefited Nijmegen as a city. click here.

Micheal Mühlenkamp of Essen, this year’s European Green Capital, presented the highlights of their current European Green Capital programme. To view this presentation please click here.