Green Cities Fit for Life

Image by Ursula Bach

Award Brand & Logo

A graphic identity has been developed to promote the winning European Green Capitals and the actual title itself.

A Branding Platform

The graphic identity aims to give winning cities a dynamic and unique branding platform which, at one and the same time, benefits the cities and increases awareness of the title.

The logo

A key element of the graphic identity is the logo showing a row of city buildings in greens and blues. The colours are intended to represent clean air, a green approach to the environment and a positive attitude to city living.

The leaf embracing the city symbolises how candidate cities care for their citizens by improving the environment in which they live. The stars refer to the European Union.

The logo is complemented by a frieze with different plants to be used in all promotional material to create a strong and coherent feel.

The slogan

The graphic identity and the logo are brought together in the campaign slogan: Green cities – fit for life.


A communications toolbox containing design guidelines and a whole range of visuals to support the branding efforts in relation to the European Green Capital Award is available for the annual winner.

The European Green Capital Award logos are protected under trademark and copyright law and may only be used upon prior approval.

If you would like to use any of the winning city logos or become a partner/sponsor please contact:


Stockholm – 2010 European Green Capital 

Hamburg – 2011 European Green Capital

Vitoria-Gasteiz – 2012 European Green Capital

Nantes – 2013 European Green Capital

Copenhagen – 2014 European Green Capital

Bristol – 2015 European Green Capital

Ljubljana – 2016 European Green Capital

Essen – 2017 European Green Capital

Nijmegen – 2018 European Green Capital

Oslo – 2019 European Green Capital 

Lisbon – 2020 European Green Capital