Logo Generator

The EMAS logo is a visual communication and marketing tool designed to highlight an organisation’s dedication to continually improving its environmental performance.

The logo may be used for marketing and promotional purposes by both EMAS-registered organisations and public stakeholders (such as Competent Bodies and Accreditation and Licensing Bodies).

The use of the logo raises awareness of EMAS to the public and interested parties and organisations seeking to improve their environmental performance. Importantly, the logo also signals legal compliance, local accountability, active employee involvement, reliability and credibility of the environmental achievements. 

Generate your own EMAS logo

You can generate your EMAS logo using the Logo Generator. The Logo Generator can be used to generate the Emas III logo with a registration number in different image formats. By clicking on the following link the Logo Generator will be downloaded onto your computer in compressed format (.zip). To create your EMAS logo simply extract the compressed file, run the Logo Generator and follow the instructions: Download Logo Generator.

Printable versions of the EMAS logo in different formats can also be obtained from your national Competent Body

How to use the EMAS logo?

  • The logo can only be used by organisations in possession of a valid EMAS registration.
  • The logo must always bear the organisation’s registration number, except for promotional and marketing activities related to EMAS.
  • Only the official logo is valid.
  • If the organisation has several sites, not all of which are included in the registration, it may use the logo only for those registered sites – in a way that does not give the impression that the entire organisation is registered.
  • The organisation's environmental statement should bear the logo.
  • The logo cannot be used on transport and tertiary packaging, or in other ways that could create confusion with environmental product labels.
  • The logo should not be used with any comparative claims regarding other activities and services.
  • The logo must not be used in ways that may cause confusion with other labels for products or services.

The EMAS Users Guide shows several uses of the EMAS logo.

Good practices

  • Use your EMAS logo in your correspondence – mail, fax, email, etc. or in elements handed out to your consumers or clients, such as metro tickets or bank account extracts. Let other people know that you are highly committed to sustainable environmental practices!
  • Use the logo in your organisation’s internal documentsto help remind your employees of their workplace's green commitment.
  • EMAS offers good advertising potential, so use the logo in media efforts to have a positive impact on your organisation's public image.
  • The logo also stands out in marketing endeavours, whether it be advertising, catalogues, products or declarations.

Your regular use of the EMAS logo will increase the scheme's outreach  and reflect your organisation’s commitment to sustainability!

For more in-depth information regarding the use of the EMAS logo and its potential benefits, please consult the EMAS Logo guide