How does it work?

Becoming an environmental leader and achieving continuous improvement through EMAS is easy, thanks to ten steps and four key principles: Plan-Do-Check-Act!

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Step 9: Submit your registration.

  • Once the EMS and the environmental report (environmental statement) have been formally verified and validated, your organisation should send the following documents to your Competent Body, to apply for registration:
  • The declaration signed by the environmental verifier confirming that the verification and validation was carried out in accordance with the EMAS Regulation (Annex VII of the Regulation);
  • The completed application form (Annex VI of the Regulation), with information about the organisation, sites and the environmental verifier;
  • Validated EMAS environmental statement (electronic or printed version); Evidence of payment of fees, if applicable in your country.
  • If all formal criteria have been fulfilled the Competent Body, will register your organisation. Following that, your organisation will be enlisted in the European EMAS register, which will make public your entry into the EMAS community, as well as make your environmental statement easily downloadable.